Umichan 3D


I will admit I’m getting a bit burnt on this, but I am pretty much done with everything I wanted to accomplish here. A lot of it is just setting stuff up in mmd to be imported. But hopefully it will be faster for other games later because I have worked out a lot of technical issues. It is far from perfect/complete. I was trying to learn how to do some stuff in unity3D.

my objective in wip7 was mainly to have a quest where you find a npc (in this case Kyle) and he will then follow you around. and you need to bring him back to a designated location.
also to have multiple people following kind of rpg style. maybe like Final Fantasy 8 for example. I think they bump into the camrea though. I might take a stab at trying to fix that.

It doesn’t really matter if Kyle is actually in range of Maiko when you get back to Riley to complete the quest. I didn’t really care because currently it is more effort then it is worth to me atm. I know how to do it should I need to for some actual game that is more then me just working out how to do stuff.
At some point in a future game I will have something to check to make sure all the npcs are in range of the player character before a dialogue sequence starts with them in it.

in this version:

  • increased Maiko’s run speed from 6 to 10
  • added background music (the same from umcc)
  • All 3 quests are complete. Find Chris, Find Riley, and Find Kyle. and all the involve some kind of hentai, though the facial expressions on the last one are definitely messed up lol.

I didn’t add any extra npcs like I mentioned I wanted to do earlier. Though you can talk to the couple doing it when you are on the find Kyle quest.

Download (windows)
Download (linux)
Download (mac)
Remember you need to unzip the game first before trying to play it.

unless there is any major bugs, I think I am done with this. And will move on to learning some other stuff and working on umch.