March 20, 2024

49 thoughts on “Umichan 3D

  1. I notice a typo with the name Riley as PT. Also Pattie and Kyle teleport all over the place. I guess they both learn instant transmission from Goku. heh.

    The game runs better than the last build and the animation runs better. Riley is a workaholic man she irate everyone. When they told her to take a break. LOL

    I guess from here on out it will be patching since you put everything of a event you wanted. So the models following need to be fix, different walls need to be fix from going through the walls. After that this test would be completed. For what it is a test.

    Anyways not bad for your first inport of your MMD into Unity3D.

    1. Thanks, so I guess you found everything ok. Kyle calls Riley PT (perky tits) intentionally, not sure if you remember from umcc.

      I think at most I will see about stopping the characters from pushing the camera forward into Maiko’s back. But I didn’t plan to patch walls and stuff. maybe just the one wall that gets you to where the infirmary is because that one is pretty bad. plus I wanted to start on some other stuff as I will mention in my next post.

      1. Well it was a nice test of MMD into Unity3D. All you have to do in the future i add every other MMD into this build for testing. Than in some future make what you plan to do in this. Probably end up removing the school to use a different area to build something. Tempo, Amp etc can be put it this map and test attacks etc and enemies where the running track is at in that area for a battle.

        Anyways I view this school map as a debug room. The way many pros do that when building there games.

  2. I just realize that you just use the school building and that there is inside areas of the pool, inside the school corridor and inside school gym. And it hit me there the packs of the 3 video’s you use…. DUH DUH DUH!!!!! I know I seen this somewhere. LOL I feel like my IQ went down.

    1. Yeah I have more then enough locations to make a umichan game. The problem was how do I do everything I think I might need to do. it is why I tried stuff out with um3d using only that single area.

  3. Vortexx00; I know Riley doing something sexual with Maiko was interesting and it will be a pretty good game when finished .,anyway keep up the good work.

  4. Vortex00; ; Could you help me out the e-mails that you and breeding season team sent to me ,don’t reguard me as a member to your sites , yet I’ve got the latest receipts , looks like there’s a hicup in the system.

    1. hmm it is most likely a issue for patreon staff to look into but I will see of it is a known issue.

    1. This is actually a hard question to answer lol.

      chu is something Pattie adds into her sentences. sometimes it means something, sometimes it doesn’t. you have to looks at the context of the sentence to be able to tell. I can understand the difficulty to understand this if English is not your first language.

      here is a example of some dialogue I wrote for part of Pattie’s cafe dialogue.
      Pattie: chu chu don’t worry senpai. I wore my thong today heh heh.
      Maiko: I did too!
      Pattie: Chu!? senpai! let me see!
      Maiko: Hey pattie where are you looking!

      translates to:
      Pattie: No no don’t worry senpai. I wore my thong today heh heh.
      Maiko: I did too!
      Pattie: You did!? senpai! let me see!
      Maiko: Hey pattie where are you looking!

      I hopes this makes sense XD
      I’m pretty sure it doesn’t thoguh.

  5. There’s really so much potential with this! I don’t know if it’s possible, and maybe it’s just me being silly, but I think one of the biggest quality of life improvements that could be made would be allowing for right+left click to move you forward like it does in MMOs.

    Honestly, if you were to like convert UMCC into this…

    I really like the animations even if there are still some slight clipping issues and in general they need to be a little more polished. I’m not sure what all is really possible, but have you considered making the hentai scenes more like cutscenes like a Pinoytoons type animation, or is creating/importing something like that not really feasible? With the animation for the Kyle quest you have to wait a while for the loop to reach the end, but I was pretty happy to see it there. Maybe even adding something like a resting animation for the two after they finish until you leave and re-enter the area.

    But I could go on and on when it’s already really good. Please keep up the awesome work!

    1. Thanks, converting all of umcc over to this would certainly be interesting. I don’t even currently know enough unity3d to do that mostly the minigames would present the most problems.

      Yes it is possible to import cutscene/videos into the unity game to display during certain parts, I actually already tried to do it here, but it requires unity3d pro to do it natively
      with a $1500 price tag I figured it wasn’t worth it just for this little test game where im just trying out stuff.

      there are some assets that use a series of images as a video so I can try to make small looping animations like in aria. and some other type for video players I can look at before dropping 1.5k.

  6. about of you explain me and not know if i understand. Yes i understand, here call this of Force of Expression. A word or a setence what explain or resume an all text. I explain of you want say?

  7. Man, your work is great, and I don’t want to be a bitch, but you keep writing “then” instead of “than”, that is the correct word you’re looking for.

    1. Thanks, yes I know the difference, however stuff like, if I am using the correct grammar, is not even a thought that crossed my mind even once since all of the dialogue here is impromptu.

      does the sentence appear at all? that is more of what I was checking for here.

      when it is necessary, I have few folks here that kindly help me proofread stuff.

  8. Sorry the word (Fut) i write wrong. I say in last question my. Here all setences whith force of expression is write whith (Aspas “”) for destac of the another sentences. Right?

    1. Sorry but I don’t understand that translation. it would be easier to type it is whatever your best language is.

      I don’t know what “fut” is or “Aspas” or “destac”

  9. sorry for the word fut at the beginning of my previous text, here when write a text containing expression of force use quotation marks, This marks(Example: “man” I tired, or man, I tired) at the beginning and end of the power of speech, gives a more prominent force of expression.

  10. @jjj4544
    Cara, escreve em português mesmo, por favor. Não estamos entendendo o que você quer dizer. Em casos assim, pode escrever em português que eu traduzo ou eles mesmo conseguem dar um jeito usando um tradutor. A Eriot mesmo só escreve em português, hehe.

  11. Hey just wanna say I havent been looking at this site much (cause of work) but just played it and it is awesome xD

    But i was only able to find two of the hentai scenes how do I “activate” all of them?
    sorry for bad english :/ it is not my first language

    1. you probably saw all of them.

      one is saying yes to Kyle, but he will be doing all of the work.

      The next one is when you find Kyle spying on a couple, in case you missed it they are against the wall around the corner..

      The last one is with Riley when you bring Kyle back to Riley.

  12. mais uma vez peço desculpas. Em meu texto anterior escrevi sem querer a palavra fut. E disse ao vortex que a força de expressão aqui no Brasil é usada entre aspas, porque usualmente não faz parte da frase. Outras dão um destaque maior para o texto, exemplo da expressão que usamos aqui: “cara” eu estou cansado daquela “gata”, aqui temos dois exemplos. Gata que usualmente usamos para significar garotas. E “cara” para significar você, nós, ou mesmo a pessoa diretamente. Espero ter explicado a força de expressão aqui no Brasil. Ele pode usar se assim desejar.

    1. Thanks, however it is not necessary to spend this much effort trying to explain this to me. Though I don’t think what you describe is the same thing with Pattie. because with Pattie she is using the exact same word to mean many different things.

  13. Love it, wish to see more. It shows potential and 3D adult games are uncommon compared to the 2D platform run and r*pe games you see all over the place.

    Since I discovered your stuff, I thought UMCC was the best eroge/hentai/datesim game I ever played. I found your wordpress today, so I tested ARIA too, but UMCC stay the best for me.
    The idea of making UMCH, the Unity version of UMCC was a good idea, and I can’t wait to see what will happen next. As long as you’re still working on it, and that I was too lazy to read the other comments here, I’ll tell you what I propose you to change/add on the game.
    _ An In-Game options menu. (I assume you already thought of adding it, but anyways, I add to tell you.)
    _ The possibility to remove shadows and unnecessary particles. I don’t have a really big PC, so even with the Lowesterest options, I was playing with 10FPS.
    _ Fix that 24/7 running Pattie. Well, even if she is the captain of the Track team, that doesn’t means she has to constantly run when she moves. That causes camera issues and it was really deceiving to only see Maiko’s back when Pattie was behind you.
    _ Speaking of it, change the camera functioning. First, remove the fact that Maiko is moving with the camera angle. It would be better if you could move forward and turn the camera to look somewhere else without Maiko following the camera.
    Then, I personally think it would be better if you didn’t have to rightclick to move the camera. You should try to make in order thant when we move our mouse, the camera do this movement.
    _ Change the chat display. By that I mean, you should increase the rapidity for letters to appears, and make a double E-pressing to continue the dialogue. I mean, when Kyle is talking, I’d like to press E to display the full dialogue without moving to the next dialogue. (I hope I’m clear).
    _ Remove that god-mode. For example, if you climb one of the stairs and then jump from them, you don’t die lel. I don’t know how you will fix that, maybe adding a HP-bar or removing the jump aswell.
    _ Recruit voice actors and actress. Not necessarily for the entire game, but at least for main dialogues and hentai scenes.

    Well, that’s all I had to say. There are many things I forgot because it is a WIP and it will be fixed, like animations, empty school etc… Anyway, that stuff is great and I hope it will work fine. Be sure I will test next WIP (if there is) and tell you what I think about it.

    Personnage, one of your French fans.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, I certainly would have done all of this in the first place if I knew how lol. Unity3D is not something I am very knowledgeable about at the moment compared to flash. I do have unity3D stuff working with multiplayer thoguh so it is very possible to make thing such as that also be online multiplayer.

      Yeah I am currently full force on ARIA atm but yeah It’s going to be interesting when I get back track with UMCH after ttrop gets more of the art wrapped up. I don’t think I will be making a unity version at the moment. It will be 2D art like UMCC, but the character art I will leave in trrop’s hands.

      I do plan to make other unity Umichan games thoguh. I wanted to make one where you play as Kyle and have to run from characters like Luma and Savori.

  15. Tried the game and found some bugs or “not so cool features”.
    The first one i noticed was the ultra speed leg shaking of maiko when she stands.
    The second one were the follower, when you run it’s ok, but when you walk they move like idiots lol
    The third one regards the camera, it’s ok when you are alone, but when you have some followers it zoom on maiko and you can’t zoom out.
    Another thing i noticed is the chat menu, for example when you save, the popup message remain on the screen for too much time. When loading the save, Kyle and Pattie just disappear.
    Maybe you can also add different cameras, like first person view or some graphical options, like low, medium, high, antialiasing and so on.
    Please fix the trees morfing, it seems maiko is on drugs! 😀
    Oh and please add some internal, i was all the time like: let me enter in the school! xD
    I was thinking that you can add some floating thing like Gta on the building enters or something like that, to point out where to enter.
    These were my thoughts, hope i wasn’t too harsh, and please, forgive me for any grammatical errors i may have done. Thank you 🙂

  16. I find another computer and I finally could run it : full graphic.
    it’s beautiful!
    my advice: you forgot to give the keys: left alt (run) and Escape (menu) in the option menu.

      1. I might see if I can add more stuff to it. it is really a full-time project though.
        also need to get multiplayer snowball holiday working.

    1. As I recall only 2 and 3 have H stuff. I’m not sure what I was trying to write there, it looks like I left out a word on accident. I might have left out “will” have hentai. sorry for the confusion.

    1. yes, as mentioned in this post my goal here was to just learn how to use unity3D. I had a vote on my patreon where a number of people wanted to see more of this so i will work out some time to work on it more.

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