Umichan 3D wip 6


so this is wip 5 with some fixes for the most part.

Download Remember you need to unzip the game first before trying to play it.

Pattie following Maiko should be better then it was. I basically took parts for the top down rpg script and put them into the follow script I typed from scratch that I used in crystal horror. It also has a attack function that I actually understand since I made it myself, but I don’t have it active in this umichan game.

The Riley dialogue should also be fixed. yeah it was a bug in one of her conditions to determine what dialogue she will say.

also found out a can enable and disable stuff to make them not appear instead of putting stuff under the floor or in buildings lol. It is what I did with Pattie to make spawn correctly but everything else is the same. It is something I will remember for later games.