October 4, 2023

20 thoughts on “Ari story updates

      1. By the way is that a typo?

        Arielle: Thank you! I will ask go him.

        I think you mean.

        Arielle: Thank you! I will ask him.


        Arielle: Thank you! I’ll go ask him.

        I know I know it’s probably a rush to write some basic plots no biggie. Just thought I’ll let you know ahead of time. You do have the picture that what she says sounds odd.

      1. Why don’t you mention the base password to unlock everything in the games? What’s the harm in that?

    1. I don’t get what all this fuss is about, beat the game and it tells you the code. If you’re super lazy then just Fkin Google it.

      There are a couple patreon only codes, but people who pay should get something. Besides, even if you knew the codes they don’t work with the free version anyway.

      1. i would like to know, what the content of the patreon password is. i dont want pictures or screenshots or something like this. only describe the content pls 😀

    1. I currently have this done, I just need to add in some transition stuff. to help make the scene switches a bit more clear. and maybe try to add music but idk. that be done later if need be. yeah the Kim stuff I will have on patreon this month.

    2. Ok I have the Ari story done but with no sound. I will post it like that for now later on tonight. I ran out of time and now need to afk for most of the day. I can still read comments and reply via my mobile device thoguh.

      without sound makes the file smaller at least heh. and I can post a version with sound added and perhaps more levels at later date. even with some level ideas. I decided to do this because adding sound would take a few more days to sort out what I want to use then mess with volume levels, etc. I’m sure people want to play it and all the essentials are in place. And like I said I want make a second part anyway also.

  1. Take your time. I’m sure we’re all happy to wait for quality. 🙂
    It will be good if you can get voices and music in there eventually when you can. Really adds to the story and the game (for me anyway).

    1. Oh yeah voice acting lol. Forgot about that. I will see if the va is still available. She mentioned quitting sometime this year so I tried to predict what I would need ahead of time.

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