October 4, 2023

4 thoughts on “Patreon stuff distributed for August 2015

  1. I have a question, will the UMCH uncensored girl character group pic and the Arielle’s side story without sound be released on a later date for all public and/or maybe the ones that donated lower money than required here will get it on a later date? (I’m currently donating $1 as I can’t afford much expenses at the moment, obviously in the future I will upgrade the amount of donation as I would love to see these 2 projects developed completely)
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Vortex said the Arielle side story will be released for free next month. I doubt the pic you mentioned will be since I don’t think any other patreon pics have been made available for free

    2. for the images I’d rather leave the nudes to be discovered in the game. if Brigma didn’t request it, i wouldn’t have posted it to patreon at all, but I can look at total contribution and message people directly on request. the easiest way is to send me message on there so i don’t have to find you heh.

      1. Thank you, I just wanted to know when would be out, for the Arielle next month, so it’s good 😛 Either way, thank you!

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