January 2, 2024

10 thoughts on “VortexPlays: The Photographer

  1. Vdategames is the largest of these browser date sims. OK the point is since he didn’t say, you can’t rush any of the girls to do something. You have to take your time. They have to trust you enough to do that action. Only problem? You don’t even know if they do. Part 2 by the way that is the new engine showing if there girls like you or if there horny etc and what time it is. By the way this user was influence by another user that have a sin browser name Date Ariene. I must warn you, it have the same problem that you don’t know if she likes you. No status to even know. But this programmer is the one that influence the other programmer.

    You can play the old ArieneB and the new ArieneB, there is also another that is a sequel kind of but a expansion with other girls to date called Something’s In The Air. Yes Ariene is in it you can still date her. But this one have multiple girls you might have a chance to fuck.


    1. I think the problem I had was I assumed stuff like something “revealing” or “not much” was something not erotic. But yeah the date is not what I’m looking for. Also the date arianeb game at on part turns to a quiz game when she start asking you questions about painters.

  2. Wow you had some bad luck with the photographer part 1. I’ll pm you a walkthrough of the beginning so you can at least get to the party.

    The Vdate games aren’t good examples of VN, believe I said they were an example of dating sims. If you want VN you’re better off checking out Arineb’s games like Joe and I suggested.

    The red head boss with the big chest that you liked is Maddison. Her game is more of a traditional dating game, though it follows the same game design of picking the right answers without knowing what they are so it takes a few tries.

    1. the suck at the date games. I’m looking for more VN stuff. I see tyrano had a contest or a rather a summer jam recently I so will try some of those games that people made. They don’t looks like the greatest thing ever though to put it nicely.

  3. Okay, for more visual novel type stuff. http://www.renai.us/

    I remember discovering this website when I was much younger. I really liked that game “Morning Star.” I liked its sequel too, but I’m not sure where that is. Trying to look it up leads to dead ends and I can’t remember what the name of it was. I remember the story of it mostly. OH. And “Digital: A Love Story” is fantastic. Probably not what you’re looking for in terms of a visual novel. But the lady who made it made some other VN games that I’ve heard are good. The only one of those that’s free is “Don’t Take it Personally, Babe, it Just Ain’t Your Story.” There are only, like, three choices that genuinely matter in the game but the story is great none the less.

      1. Also, a game you may want to check out is Artificial Academy 2, just for fun. It takes a while to set everything up, but I think it’s worth it. I’ve been really into it lately and I’m actually trying to make your characters in the character maker that comes with the game, but that’s proven to be more difficult than I had anticipated.

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