January 4, 2024

12 thoughts on “VortexPlays: Dungeon and Maid

  1. Very good-looking graphics and nice animations, though the girl look quite unnatural: her feet and hands are too tiny. It may seem something not really significant but in a combination with her girlish voice and innocent stance pose it affects the game in a bad way: you can’t feel any passion in her during sex scenes, but the passion is an important aspect in games of this genre. IMHO. 😀

    Oh, and I liked the music – it’s very pleasant. 🙂

    1. Interesting perspective you have there. They are just random creatures though. Never understood games like this because if they are so horny they can fuck themselves. especially the female enemy types.
      There is at least some captives there one can assume have been “used”.

      One thing I felt missing was establishing the situation/lore before the sex. I don’t know why this character is even there, what the goal is, nothing, heh. Some story might exist on the site outside of the game.

      1. Personally, I don’t even try to find any logic in games like this one. Firstly, because it’s absolutely unrealistic. I ain’t talking about magic existence or unbelievable physics – I’m talking about a complete absurdity in what’s happening there. A girl’s shown up in a dungeon, so every single monster in there now wants to rape her? Oka-a-ay. But there’s a problem – they are incredibly stupid (because I can’t see any reasons why they do not unite in large groups or run away from her when she kills them like goddamn flies). Therefore I don’t think it’s reasonable to discuss why there is no normal storyline in this game.

        In sum, the shell of the game is very good, but not the core.

    2. Oh, I realized how to call it: a doll-type girl. Almost nothing sexy in it. Usually in hentai games even cute girls appears to be sexy during h-scenes or when they’re dressed in erotic clothes or naked at all (Bri is a good example). But in our case there’s nothing of it: we play as a doll.

  2. Another Hentai Metroidvania type of game, like always you have to lose by the enemy to get the hentai. What these users should do is yes it unlock each seen. But if you beat the game all scene will be unlock.

    1. I agree, I never liked this gameplay mechanic. Despair Labyrinth is a decent rpg/dungeon crawler game but you have to lose fights to get the scenes. So basically I just ran through the whole game with 1 hp and just lost every fight I encountered. Doesn’t make much sense does it?

    2. Good idea. I’d even go so far as to say if you clear the level you unlock all scenes for all enemy types in the each level. It might inspire the person trying to beat the next level then eventually they might have cleared the whole game.

      As you can see here is just “meh” and stopped playing after getting tired of just shooting random enemies for whatever reason heh. Even a small amount of dialogue at the start would have helped me.

      Also I noticed based on the wordpress site, the developer seem to think he has let everyone down with this game. From taking too long to release I guess? lot of delays, saying it is just a hentai game, etc. probably under more pressure to make something better than his previous games perhaps also. he has reached the point I talk about in my Thought and Analysis 1 where a artist will get tired/bored/demotivated from making their own game. testing it over, etc. some it because the bar is set too high from the previous game.

      The thing they don’t realize is literally millions of people don’t even know about the games much less played it. to them it completely brand new. just gotta keep at it. The people in the comments seem to understand this.

      I break out of this mentality myself by first understand what is happening psychologically and secondly doing videos like this and MMD stuff, etc them come back to it more revitalized a bit.

      I’m not fond of this game type but I bought the game and did a video because I know this guy does good work from playing his other game. I’m sure I would enjoy if more if I liked the formant and games with no storyline.

  3. General my problem with the whole Lose to get Hentai deal is… Who likes to lose on purpose?

    As someone pointed out, with DL it just becomes a chore to make a save point then lose to everything to unlock the scenes in the gallery then reload so you keep your purity/virgin status.

    I mean you have points just buy the scenes!

    1. yeah I don’t really enjoy losing, even if it shows a sex scene as consolation.
      in a game called LAB Still Alive, there was a npc girl offering you milk and her sex scene heals you instead of hurts you.
      it is around the 6:50 mark. Games could use a lot more of that imo. lots a of good ideas mentioned in these comments so far to still keep the core of the game yet reward people for winning.

      Yeah now that is has been mentioned I’m not sure what the coins were for heh.

  4. The game looks great, and it looks like it plays well enough. Other than the possibility of sex, the game doesn’t give you much of a motive. Why is the maid in a dungeon? Is the goal to save girls like that one you saved before? What are the coins for? Why is her only attack magic? Not that I don’t like magic, I LOVE magic, but you think maybe she could kick enemies back or something.

    I never understood the hentai games where the only way to view the hentai was to hurt yourself. Sex should be a reward, not a punishment! You think maybe completing the game would unlock all the stuff we want? Or would you really have to go to every single enemy and try to get it to fuck you? Oh well.

    1. These are concerns I have also when playing games. with sex scenes it is good to have some context. Knowing why stuff is happening helps even it if doesn’t totally make sense heh. Event something as goofy as, She was some maid for some evil master wizard, and accidentally knocked over his special potion he was working on or something, so he sent her here as punishment. Event that would do a lot to explain why she might know some basic magic and is in some dungeon. Possibly even why other girls are already down there heh. maybe they never made it out idk.

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