September 5, 2023

15 thoughts on “Selvira’s Artificial Academy 2 Umichan Characters

  1. I’m not familiar with the game, though from the brief description I read it does seem like something I would enjoy. 12 gigs seems unusually huge for a h game though, that’s about the same size as Rise of the Tomb Raider lol.

    Maybe I’ll check it out after the holidays.

    1. As most games from the Illusion company usually the size is worth it (quality, fun, playtime… fap factor??). The only complaints I usually hear among my friends with Academy 2 are:

      – Intrusive AI when other students share your interest in the same person or 2+ students compete for you (I share the feeling)
      – The huge amount of mods requiered to optimize the experience.(no idea I never had trouble here)

      Anyway Academy 2 was one of the most addictive games I played and eagerly await for a 3rd game on the saga (or Artificial Girl both are awesome at creating hot scenes)

        1. If downloading the .png doesn’t work, I’ll upload them to the AA2 character database with your permission. They are your characters afterall.

  2. Aw, that’s so sweet of you! Thank you for the mention! Admittedly posting them one by one with any sort of description is kind of tedious, but I’m committed! There’s a video walkthrough of how to install the game here: It’s also funny. ­čÖé While it does mention modding, it does NOT mention the patch for the game at the official modding forum, which includes better mods than the ones the guy suggests and can be found here: The patch includes some cheating tools as well, such as a mod installer and unlocked maker, so if you do get the game install the patch immediately after. Also, to get the girls the way that I did, you need to install that all-inclusive hair pack that’s there too. I also recommend the clothing mod. But that isn’t necessary.

    Thanks again for the mention! And remember to let me know if any of the girls need modifications.

    1. I love Artificial Academy! Recreating my favorite characters from Games and Anime and seeing them go at it is so much fun! I have Artificial Academy 1 and 2! Did you play any other games from Illusion? Other than Artificial Academy 1 and 2 i played Yuusha and Sexy Beach Zero… I’m am going to play HaremMate and Sexy Beach Premium Resort next!

  3. I decided to give this game a try, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work all that well with windows 10. Shame really, looked like it could be fun

    1. Ah windows 10 heh. Thanks for confirming my desire to wait (forever) on upgrading.
      I’ll see if I can record something over the holidays with it if I can get it working.

      1. Waiting (forever) isn’t really feasible with Windows 10. Who knows what the future may bring, but Microsoft’s current plan is to have Windows 10 be their final OS release and just continually update it in a similar fashion to Google’s android system. They will eventually stop supporting Windows 7 and the god awful abomination that was Windows 8/8.1.

        On topic, apparently the problem with Artificial Academy 2 is that the underlying software that the hongfire community used to emulate English support of the game simply doesn’t exist in Windows 10. The game still runs fine on Windows 10 if you set your regional settings East Asia but that’s not something I’m willing to do for 1 game. There’s also a 3rd party local emulation program that the community is recommending but not all the bugs are worked out with it yet.

    2. What do you mean it doesn’t work? I have Windows 10. *Checks game.* Okay that’s weird. That isn’t the normal text for the English subtitles. What? Lynn, why are you ignoring everything I say? It shouldn’t have a 0% rate like that! Okay, something must have happened. It was working properly when I first posted the girls. Now it’s acting like it was when I first installed the game.

      WAIT… *Runs using Locale Emulator* THERE WE GO!!! That’s what was wrong! I haven’t loaded it up in a while so I forgot that I needed to do that for it to work properly. Reading your comment below reminded me. I’m not sure what these bugs with the emulator are since I may not have encountered them. If this is the emulator mentioned in the forums, it seems to work fine. Just remember to right click whenever you load up the game. And use the JSF version. That’s the one with little hacks in it for convenience!

  4. I know this is suuuuuper late to say, but these are awesome!
    I’ve been following your site for a while and never realized you made AA versions of the girls until a few months ago.

    Zytra, Luma and Maiko are my favorite. ( It’s the boobs. I love the boobs. )
    Totally paired them with my shota character. :3

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