ARIA updates

For the upcoming 2.3 release, I made some edits it where the mods have inventory now. you need four of that mod to equip it to everyone instead of just unlocking it once. I still need to test all that. extra mods parts might be used to get AI robot or something later on in the game. old mods might be used to make better ones but that won’t be in 2.3. it is too much heh. If I keep adding stuff I will never finish 2.3. Having said that I do plan to add where the AI robot be be unlocked the sex scene wont be in there yet. it is just to test using mod parts as form of alternate currency in the game. I’ll probably just have a scene in there with Tiffany, and another with Goo added.

fixed a few issues issues Brigma and JD pointed out. Some other stuff was working as intended but I need make it clear in the game.
some thigns that are working as intended is the talk button not working for raids, and Jeo needing to cum in the agents to get the stat increase. Jeo issue is a technical once because of how I have it coded. yes I realize he doesn’t need to cum for other characters. I’ll check again to see what I can do but I’ve already been down that road. For the most part there not really any game breaking issues with the game I thinks so I will polish it up a bit and finish the walkthrough.