December 8, 2023

13 thoughts on “Tasha in MMD + motion previews

    1. I looked at that again a few days ago, I thought it was from the mmd effect I used that does the Depth of Field stuff (where the background is blurred) because when i took it off it seemed fine. but i don’t think that is the problem because then other videos would have a framerate problem also.

      either way when I tried to upload it again I had http errors so I will try it again later. I need to re-render it for the 5th time or so.

  1. Wow it’s like bringing Tasha from 2D out out the wallpaper into 3D MMD! ^_^
    The model is perfect, you now have Annie, Tasha and Leeina. Also Sixxe missing the old man and you’ll have the DoA set of 3D model right there. Nari in a pole dance sounds right. Since Nari job is actually a stripper. Yep you don’t have Nari now, but I’m talking to ahead of things. Nice wallpaper, all that is missing is a replica of the 2D Tasha with the blue tank top and black short in that pose. But in 3D MMD as a wallpaper.

    1. Thanks, making her shirt is hard but I have some ideas. It wont look as goods as the drawing unless I make a totally new high poly from scratch. That won’t be happening anytime soon lol. Yeah I have Leeina but I need to redo her. But it shouldn’t be too much trouble hopefully. I might give it a shit tonight. I need to redo Annie also but it should be easy since I don’t need to remodel anything. I was thinking about using these semitix mmd models to make images for a small shooting game similar to Amp story but also have shoot from cover. Yeah it would be awesome to have Nari. I need to make all those strippers lol. Those were a lot of the girls from the Crystal Hunter video I did. Also old man and Gheist yeah. I might be able to remake the Gheist prologue as a animation in MMD eventually.

      However I if had the old man I could probably make some images of certain scenes from semitix.

  2. She’s beautiful! Will she be in any planned upcoming videos, or is it just nice to have her model on hand? (Stupid unrelated comment: Dude, the hard cuts! You are trying to make us bleed! Get it? It’s a joke. I think. But what do I know about video editing? Transitions are probably hard.)

    1. Thanks the cuts are real. Transitions are easy but was too lazy plus was in a hurry. Yeah I can cycle her into some videos and other stuff. one person was asking about leyah also.

    1. yeah. usually the problem Luma is her boobs are a bit too big and I don’t feel like editing the motion. I also need to make a ARIA version of Luma where she has a ponytail.

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