January 3, 2024

9 thoughts on “MMD: dat ass results

  1. Well Leeina’s ass sure have more meat than the other models. ^_^

    By the look of the first picture the rate of big to small ass goes like this. In my view what I see.
    1. Leeina
    2. Luma
    3. Tasha
    4. Maiko
    5. Leyah

    So I take it the result is what you wanted or are you still just trying different tricks of animation for Leeina’s ass?

      1. It would be nice to become a standard, as have models with more polygons, but I understand that times elabostazione would stretch too.

    1. I haven’t. I don’t even haven multiple nude guys. it is just Kyle. I do need to edit a penis to use thoguh that has facials and stuff. after that point I can try different sizes.

  2. Leeina is really my favorite. 🙂 I remember seeing her dance to ‘Till the World Ends’ and her cheeks had a little extra jiggle and I was like “WOOAH!” In a world where oshiri isn’t supported enough, you made this ass-man happy. ^_^

    1. Thanks, yeah I try to get low angle dance videos also. I don’t remember Leena on that song though? lol. actually working on redoing these characters with a more recent base with some heavy edits. I might not do leg physics anymore but ass physics will be there definitely.

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