UMCH updates

trying to get the UMCH demo finished. still connecting gameplay pieces together thoguh. And still need to make in game tutorials or something. I made a few random screens I will comment on.

There is a small dialogue scene when first entering each minigame area or club. This scene like other stuff in the game will alter Maiko’s mood as the dialogue takes place.

For now this is the typical set up for a clubroom. Activities to the left, and in the middle random character that are part of the club will appear, sometimes offering different lines of dialogue or hidden scenes.

In boxing to start of sparring with Pattie until Maiko has at least 5 melee. After that point until Advanced, Maiko will battle random unnamed students. Some of the students also appear at the cafe.

I will probably have social scenes appear each time to enter a activity area at a certain percent chance. maybe like fifty percent. The chance you enounter a social scene when entering these areas will be adjustable from the tablet.

This is a scene that happen when your first try to swim.

You see here that during some parts of the game Maiko is viewed in third person.

Part of the story are fleshed out a little more, revealing some of the students parents or connections to other characters.

Working in the cafe is now a minigame instead of just pressing work in umcc. Maiko also might be able to work in the book store and do concerts as a alternative or in combination with working at the cafe.

Music club intro scene. and yes I realize I still need to fix lynn’s eyes

Music minigame is now in first person and should be easier to get higher scores