ARIA and Umichan Updates

ARIA stuff:

Alukard seems to be wrapping up some ARIA animation edits here is the run down,

Remi how has shared animations like the main 4 girls for when you unlock her. including punish.

Nikita, the girl in the space station ship, has a sex animation. same as defeat animation.
a few minor edits to other animations, such as facial expression for FAgents, and adding a vagina to the remi,jeo,phia animation.
I’m not quite sure yet if I can get the different facial expression to work with code like how it needs to be. we’ll see.


I will be doing a bit more debugging on Alt. ARIA stuff. I have a meeting planned on Friday to go over the game with some folks at nutaku and I will see if it is on the right track.

I might try to squeeze in Phia playable also by tomorrow.

Umichan stuff:
ttrop finished updating art for UM wildpeach.

I am almost finished with the animations for it, and adding cum to make some cum finishes. I will be wrapping up doing the animations for it hopefully tomorrow or Friday.

current art being made for UMCH is two different guitar minigame win pics.

Neferis is doing some art for a updates Umichan spa tap game. It will have Maiko, Zytra, and Pattie, and have a few unshockable panties and of course jiggly asses.