January 2, 2024

23 thoughts on “UMCH Socialize dialogue thoughts for Background Males

  1. a few examples. Please follow this format.

    also come dialogue can effect Maiko’s mood for better for for worse but it needs to happen in the first line of dialogue. She could also get or lose money, etc.

    characters: Chester,Jeni, Dizzy
    bg location: School hallway

    Chester: You know Jeni I could really beat you if I wanted to. I jsut let you win so you can feel good about yourself.
    Jeni: Dude get the fuck away from me.
    Chester: Too bad. Because I was trained by alines.
    Dizzy: I knew it!
    Jeni: Holy fuck you two are complete idiots.

    Jeni: Trust me cowtits. You don’t want to talk to either of these morons.
    characters: Gary
    bg location: crossroads(park)


    (increase stress)
    Gary: Gah, will you get those tits out of my face! Gah!!!
    Gary: You expect me to be nice to you because you have big tits?
    Gary: Oh look at me I’m Maiko and I have big tits!
    Gary: Go away!

  2. So what about the original BG Male Characters from UMCC, will they make an appearance or are they gone?

      1. You know I didn’t even notice these characters in UMCC. I was talking about the characters you interact with when you enter the school, like the one that randomly takes off Maiko’s top and the one who that will randomly cum on her. The named characters. But still thanks I’m going to have to pay more attention.

        1. those characters you mentioned I refer to as custom characters. in UMCC you can make your own characters that appear in the main hallway and have them do different things. There we the example characters. some of them will be added to UMCH later on thoguh.

  3. Got some eavesdrops here, I’m still a bit confused on the interactables though. Are they like those moments walking into the school in UMCC when Maiko gets jizzed on?

    Characters: Drake, Trey, Alfie
    BG: Cafe

    Drake: Damn I wish Zytra worked here too. It doesn’t get better than having two slutty sisters at once, am I right man?
    Trey: Fuck yeah Drake, two skanks are way better than one.
    Alfie: Excuse me? Did I just hear you insulting the ____________ (Leyah + Zytra last name) sisters?
    Drake: What? Who the fuck are you?
    Alfie: It doesn’t matter who I am! What matters is you polluting this establishment’s air with lies about those perfect angels! You don’t know what they have to go through on a daily basis just to-
    Drake: Jeez fine! We fucking get it! Come on Trey let’s get out of here. I didn’t sign up to deal with freaks today.
    Trey: Yeah man, seriously, lets just get the fuck out of here.

    Characters: Archie, Asugi, Toby
    BG: Mall

    (Decrease stress?) (She’s getting a compliment but I don’t know how Maiko would feel about it)

    Toby: Man that pink hair girl is so hot, I shot out so much last night thinking about her. I definitely would’ve gotten her pregnant if I was with her.
    Archie: You can’t get her pregnant, you’re too little.
    Toby: Yeah huh I can! As long as you shoot enough out it doesn’t matter how little you are!
    Asugi: Toby’s right. I shot a bunch into that cat girl once and she thought she was pregnant for a while.
    Toby: For real?! That’s awesome.
    Archie: Don’t believe everything he says Toby, Asugi’s such a liar.
    Characters: Ralph, Holly, Jeni
    BG: Cafe


    Ralph: Excuse me miss, I’d like the ‘special’ but I’m certain my business discount should apply to it first.
    Jeni: H-huht? Uh… Mom someone wants to talk bargains.
    Holly: What?! We don’t talk bargains in my cafe sir, prices are as they stand.
    Ralph: Yes but my company has been a proud supporter of yours for some time. I think a discount is appropriate.
    Holly: What company? Who do you work for?
    Ralph: I uh… oh dear I seem to have left my cards at home. I’ll be back another time to show you but now I must really get going…
    Holly: Jeni keep your eyes on that guy, he’s a shifty one.
    Jeni: Mom, everyone that comes here is shifty.

    Characters: Cory, Renji, Amber
    BG: Classroom


    Renji: Dammit, how do I keep getting this wrong every time?
    Cory: Ehh?…. Oh I see what it is… you’re forgetting the friction coefficient and uh… just factor that into the x axis and it’s right…
    Renji: What? How do you know?
    Amber: Cory’s pretty good at physics, sometimes he even gives Riley and me help.
    Renji: Seriously?!
    Cory: Yeah… and if you want some uh… more help. We could have an after school study thing Amber….
    Amber: Um, I’m ok for now. Thank you though.
    Cory: Drat… I was so close to that date too…
    Renji: I don’t think so man.

    1. Or are the interactables like seeing someone in the background of a zone and you click them to talk to them? Kind of like npcs in rpg towns?

      1. interact is like clicking on a dialogue button next to the yeah. like walking up to rpg npc to talk.
        nice lines also

        1. Will they have different standing poses eventually? Can’t wait for public release as it looks like its gonna be huge. ;u;

          1. Perhaps eventually heh. yeah I’m trying to have most of what UMCC had at first release but just with the main quest.

  4. So, only Archie and Toby of those names I suggested.

    There’re interesting references in some of the guys’ names I’ve found (but maybe it’s just a coincidence):

    Lester – I guess, he’s named after Lester from GTA 5.
    Ralph – probably, Wreck-It Ralph.
    Renji – almost no doubt that he’s named after Renji from Bleach.
    Max (Drake) – the very first character that comes to my mind is Max Rockatansky (and that’s why I’d personally prefer the name Max to Drake, heh).
    Trey – Trey Racer from the American adaptation of Shaman King.

    I go take a cookie.

  5. As a follow up question on the interactables, you mentioned they can effect stress and money but can they effect anything else?
    Ex: location transition, if one of the shotas pays Maiko to get them inside the cafe, or Maiko losing her top for a second for a customer tip in the cafe or trigger extra cafe mini’s if Maiko sweet talks customers?

    Also am I right to assume that Tsugo’s brother is a little shit? It felt right with the family being rich and his brother being Tsugo. So I made him a bit of a brat in these.

    Character interactables:

    Location: Cafe
    “Hey girl, are you on sale? Cause I’m definitely buying.”
    “Mmm MMM, you know there’s a reason I always tip you double girl. Hehe, don’t tell the other girls that though.”
    “Figures as soon as I got the money to have all the fun I want my body starts falling apart on me. Don’t think that’ll get me to go easy on you though. Hehe…”

    Location: Cafe
    “Geez this place isn’t cheap. I can barely afford the drinks let alone time with the lovely Leyah.”
    “Oh it’s you Maiko. I guess Leyah isn’t working here today then. She’s got to remember me by now.”
    “Sorry I really can’t tip more than that, I should probably grab a part time position soon…”


    (Increase stress)
    Characters: Lester, Asugi, Maiko
    BG: Mall
    Asugi: Yeah Daddy let’s go into that cafe over there!
    Lester: Wha?! I’m not your dad! What are you talking about?
    Asugi: (Hey just play it cool and help me get into that place, otherwise I’ll scream that you touched me.)
    Lester: The hell!? M-miss! You heard him just now, right? Please give me a hand here!
    Asugi: Yeah, didn’t you just hear him say we’re going to the cafe next?
    Maiko: Uh sorry… I don’t want to get involved.
    Lester: Wait! Please don’t leave me alone here!

    Characters: Asugi, Tsugo, Joey
    BG: Mall
    Asugi: Tsugo let me go!
    Tsugo: I will not, you aren’t allowed to go near that cafe anymore!
    Asugi: Daddy says it’s fine…
    Tsugo: Well father isn’t- Joey?! How long were you standing there?
    Joey: Not long, are you dragging your brother out of that sleazy cafe?
    Tsugo: I uh…
    Asugi: (Pst… stop for ice cream on the way home or I’ll tell her you took me here.)
    Tsugo: No, I was just taking my WONDERFUL brother here for some ice cream. Isn’t that all we’re doing Asugi?
    Asugi: Teehee…

    1. anything else that happens need to be instant because it would happen right as button is pressed before the dialogue appears.

      interactions work the same way as eavesdrop, where a back and fourth conversation can take place. the only difference is eavesdrop happens when you enter the area and interact happens when a player clicks the dialogue button.

      since eavesdrop will always happen before player can press the dialogue button, it is possible to have a follow up to whatever was mentioned in the eavesdrop.

      you have the personality of Asugi fairly accurate but he goes into the cafe all the time. He is Leyah’s special client. If you notice it is a shota. but she hates him because she find him extremely annoying.

  6. I think for now I will focus on populating the main hall with stuff to test it out. then work on the other areas, one area at a time. similar to socialize or how it was in UMCC when you entered the school.

    characters: Chester,Jeni, Dizzy
    bg location: main hall

    Chester: You know Jeni I could really beat you if I wanted to. I just let you win so you can feel good about yourself.
    Jeni: Dude get the fuck away from me.
    Chester: Too bad. Because I was trained by aliens.
    Dizzy: I knew it!
    Jeni: Holy fuck you two are complete idiots.

    Jeni: Trust me cowtits. You don’t want to talk to either of these morons.
    characters: Chester, Amber
    bg location: main hall

    Chester: You wrote a pretty good story Amber. I could give you some tips to make it better though.
    Chester: Herm… That big boob character seems familiar thoguh…
    Amber: Shhh!

    Amber: M- Maiko! hi.
    Chester: That it! It’s Maiko isn’t it?
    Maiko: Huh?
    Amber: N- no!
    characters: Chester, Kyle
    bg location: main hall

    Chester: Meh! These photos are okay. I could take waaay better ones.
    Kyle: Oh yeah? Do it then.

    Chester: Ah my first nude model arrives already.
    Chester: Women just flock to me! Hand me the camera Kyle and watch a master at work.
    Maiko: nude model?
    characters: Joiry, Evan, Trey
    bg location: main hall


    Joiry: Yo girlie! You seen Luma around?
    Maiko: No sorry.
    Joiry: Yo Even! See if those satellite dishes on the side of your head can detect where my girlfriend is.
    Maiko: That’s uncalled for Joiry…
    Maiko: Plus it’s Evan right?
    Joiry: Who cares!
    Trey: Ha ha! Yeah who cares!
    characters: Gary
    bg location: main hall


    (increase stress)
    Gary: Gah, will you get those tits out of my face! Gah!!!
    Gary: You expect me to be nice to you because you have big tits?
    Gary: Oh look at me I’m Maiko and I have big tits!
    Gary: Go away!
    characters: Drake
    bg location: main hall

    Drake: Yo! Maiko. Over here!

    Drake: You boxing today?
    Maiko: why?
    Drake: You are the only big boob girl that is fighting in the club! It’s fun to watch you go!
    Maiko: Eh…
    Drake: Hey don’t take it the wrong way! It fun to see boobs jiggle but it’s hard to fight right? You have a huge disadvantage ha ha!
    Maiko: Well yeah but… if Luma can fight as a agent. I can learn to fight too.
    Drake: I agree ha ha!
    characters: Gary, Chester
    bg location: main hall

    Gary: Gah! Alma’s class is so hard geez! Can’t she lighten up a little?
    Chester: Meh you just have to study a little. It’s not hard at all.
    Gary: What the hell are you talking about!? You’re barely passing!
    Chester: Meh, I can get a perfect score any time. I just barely pass you you don’t feel as inferior to me.
    Gary: Bullshit!

    Gary: You too? Leave me alone geez!
    Chester: She is not here for you! you simpleton!
    Chester: Come my love! let’s go frolock in the park!
    Maiko: Uh… I think I hear Pattie calling me! bye!

    characters: Trey, David
    bg location: main hall

    Trey: Hah look it’s Maiko!
    David: wassup bitch!

    Maiko: Stop calling me that!
    Trey: Stop calling me that ha ha! What a loser!
    Trey: She’s not even that hot! am I right!?
    David: I’d fuck the dog shit out of her.
    Trey: huh? yeah! I- I would too!
    Maiko: Ugh.
    characters: Zytra, Leyah
    bg location: main hall

    Zytra: And be careful ar the cafe today okay sis? I’ll stop by later after practice.
    Leyah: Mmhmm!
    Leyah: Oh! Oh! Maiko-nyaaaa!
    Zytra: Umi!

    Zytra: What’s up! Still improving?
    Maiko: Yeah…
    Zytra: Hey, we all are right?
    Leyah: Swimming today? Cafe today nya?
    Maiko: Heh I haven’t decided yet.
    characters: Zytra, Joey
    bg location: main hall

    Zytra: Hey! What are you doing what that camera?
    Joey: why?
    Zytra: Because you need to stop following me around with that thing!
    Joey: Got something to hide?
    Zytra: No! ugh!

    Zytra: Sorry Umi I need to leave before I get too angry.
    Maiko: Oh? okay…
    Joey: I’m watching you.

  7. Got mostly some school stuff, plus a mall one I made earlier and forgot to send. My bad on the Asugi stuff, figured he could get in but wasn’t sure how Tsugo felt about him going there. Since Tsugo doesn’t use the services himself I figured he might not like the idea of his brother using them. Also figured he would be bratty enough to get other adults to let him in even when he doesn’t have enough money himself.

    Characters: Cory, Joiry, David
    BG: Main hall school

    Joiry: Dammit bro! How are we supposed to do this shit Mika gave us?!
    Cory: Eh…? You guys are still working on that?
    David: Uh, duh! We just got it! Nobody can finish something that fast!
    Cory: Really…? Cause I got it done when she was talking about something boring…
    Joiry: Seriously?! Show us!
    Cory: Err… right I put it here… see I’m not lying…
    David: Holy shit bro! He’s telling the truth!
    Joiry: So he is… mind if we look at this for a minute man?
    Cory: Sure I guess… just get it back soon.

    (Maiko interact)
    Maiko: That’s not a good idea cory! You could get in trouble for letting them do that.
    Cory: Yeah…? I suppose… but it won’t be too bad… worst case I’ll fail that assignment but I’m already doing fine enough as is…
    Maiko: If you say so…


    Characters: Joiry, Amber, Chester
    BG: Main hall, school

    Chester: Amber?! What’s Joiry doing here?
    Amber: I wanted to ask him a couple things to get inspiration.
    Joiry: Yeah, little girlie is pretty cool. So sometimes we talk on a bro to bro level instead of a dick to mouth level.
    Chester: Heeheehee! This is ridiculous! Did you really think I’d fall for a lie like this?!
    Joiry: This guys starting to piss me off. You mind if I stuff him into something to shut him up?
    Amber: I’d rather not, he’s kind of annoying but he likes to read my books.
    Joiry: Oh yeah? Alright, I’ll be cool for now. But If he keeps it up though I don’t know if I can keep the promise.

    (Maiko interact)
    Chester: Maiko can you believe this prank they’re trying to pull? Heehee!
    Maiko: It’s weird I know… but they are friends.
    Chester: What?! You’re in on it too?
    Joiry: Hey shut it! Before I change my mind and stuff you into something real tiny.


    Characters: Chester, Cory
    BG: Main hall school

    (Maiko stress down, assuming she doesn’t like Chester)

    Chester: Hey man, I heard you were into that Amber chick.
    Cory: Huh…? Yeah she’s pretty cute….
    Chester: Well just so you know I totally railed her yesterday. She was begging for it real hard so I had to give her the big Chester…
    Cory: Wow really…? That must’ve been cool…
    Chester: Wait? You believe me?!
    Cory: Uhh… yeah… Why wouldn’t I? Only deeply sad individuals would lie to themselves and everyone else about their uhh… lives.
    Chester: Oh screw it! I’m out of here!

    (Maiko interactable)
    Cory: Hey Maiko… why’s that guy so pissed? Did I say something wrong?
    Maiko: Hehe… no I think you said everything you should.


    Characters: Asugi, Tsugo, Joiry
    BG: School main
    (Stress decrease)

    Joiry: Hey Tsugo? What the hell are you doing?
    Asugi: I’m looking for the girl’s changing room, brother said there were pretty girls here that get naked there!
    Joiry: Hell yeah they do! But you know we can’t go in there, Mika would kill you dead if she caught you.
    Tsugo: Asugi! What are you doing in my school!?
    Joiry: Holy crap there’s two blondies?!
    Tsugo: Joiry are you so stupid you can’t tell us apart?!
    Joiry: Uh… naw. Just got some sun in my eye is all…

    (Maiko interact)
    Maiko: Joiry did you actually think Asugi was Tsugo?
    Joiry: Hey it aint my fault! They’re both like two foot nothing and look like dolls. How could I know?
    Tsugo: Joiry I am five foot- nine and very self conscious about it! I would thank you not to mention it again!
    Joiry: Whatever man…


    Characters: Renji, Kyle
    BG: School main

    Renji: Hey Kyle? You’re in charge of the photography club right? Mind if I join?
    Kyle: Hell no I don’t that sounds-! Wait a minute, why exactly do you want to join?
    Renji: I don’t know, I just always had an interest in photography. It’s not like other art forms since it’s based all around timing and it just seemed cool to me is all.
    Kyle: Augh! Dammit that’s the opposite reason I wanted to hear!
    Renji: W-what? What was wrong with what I said?

    (Maiko interactable)
    Maiko: Well it might be alright Kyle, normal pictures are fun to take too.
    Kyle: Maybe but they’re not as fun as the good stuff…


    Characters: Ralph, Alfie
    BG: Mall

    Alfie: Hang on! I heard about you in the cafe. You’re a gemco exec right?
    Ralph: Uh… of course I am. Haven’t you noticed the suit I’m wearing?
    Alfie: I knew it! So can you help me out with a job? I’ll take anything honest.
    Ralph: Well… I don’t know about that…
    Alfie: I’m not expecting a position or anything! Just a lead or maybe a place a guy like me can look. You would know a sector that needs help right?
    Ralph: Well I would but I’m also very busy… so I must go check on those sectors before saying anything.
    Ralph: Wait up! I still need some contact info or something before you go!

    1. got these in the game, they work pretty good so far. going to make a few for the locker room and the park then should be good to zip up.

      did do the asugi in the school one, not sure about that atm so I skipped it for now. that’s the dialogue is good thoguh.

  8. girls locker room

    Savori: Maiko make sure Kyle is not in here okay?

    Savori: what is it?
    Maiko: Your bra is so cute!
    Savori: oh stop.
    Maiko: But it is!


    Cain: Maiko
    Maiko: C- Cain!?
    Lynn: Hello Umiya-san.

    Cain: Just doing my job Maiko.
    Cain: Yes Lynn is that important.
    Lynn: Unfortunately.


    Luma: Nice honkers nerdlet!

    Luma: But mine are better!
    Maiko: Luma your bra is cute!
    Luma: Didn’t ask nerdlet!
    Maiko: Fine then.

    Kyle: Shhh…
    Maiko: Kyle! Get out of here!
    Kyle: Soon, I’ve been getting some fantastic photos heh he heeee!
    Maiko: Can you try to laugh less creepy?
    Kyle: Haha!

    Kyle: Keep your voice down will ya?


    Roise: Greetings Umiya-san. Going for a swim?
    Maiko: R- Roise! So lewd!
    Roise: Meh it’s not that bad.

    Roise: I have way more revealing clothing.
    Maiko: Geez…


    Leyah: Maiko nyaaaaaa!
    Maiko: hehe hey Leyah

    Leyah: Leyah just finished massaging her breasts so they can get big too!
    Maiko: I like to play with my boobs also heh. It helps me calm down.
    Leyah: You musta did that a lot then nya!
    Maiko: Probably hehe.


    Zytra: Yo Umi! going for a swim?

    Maiko: So fancy!
    Zytra: Ha yeah I guess I just like the good stuff.


    Zytra: Hey cut it out sis! Look Umi is coming!
    Leyah: Leyah-nya has more bobbles to grope!

    Leyah: Leyah-nyan is Just kidding! She has her own bobbles to grope nya!


    Jeni: oh hey cowtits, boxing today?

    Maiko: Jeni!!!
    Jeni: just Shut up.
    Maiko: Your undies!!!!
    Jeni: Don’t say it cowtits!
    Maiko: Are so cute!!!
    Jeni: Kill yourself.
    Maiko: Awww.


    Pattie: Chu!
    Maiko: Hey pattie!

    Pattie: What are we doing today senpai? boxing? Swimming?
    Maiko: Hmm…


  9. Some Renji x Jeni dialogues.
    Characters: Renji, Jeni, Pattie

    Location: Gym

    Renji: Hi.
    Jeni: … What do you want?
    Renji: Just looking for Tom. I thought, he was here. Seen him?
    Jeni: No.
    Renji: *Talking to himself* Where could he go?
    Jeni: …
    Renji: … Listen, about these things back in the café… You were great.
    Jeni: Oh, come on! Not this shit again.
    Renji: Okay. Okay. I’m sorry.
    Jeni: …
    Renji: Gotta go then.
    Jeni: Hey, wait… Maybe… Maybe you wanna do some boxing together a bit later?
    Renji: Ah? Ah, yeah… Sure, why not.
    Pattie: Oho-ho! Seems, someone has fallen in love, chu!
    Jeni: W-what are you doing here?! Oh, fuck you…
    Pattie: I knew it!
    Jeni: Fuck. You.

    – Jeni: Cowtits?! And what the hell are YOU doing here?
    Maiko: Ehh…
    Pattie: She’s blushing! Jeni is blushing! Oh my God! Where is it? Where’s my camera?
    Jeni: Someone’s gonna die.

    Characters: Haruichi, Renji

    Location: School Hallway

    Haruichi: And what do you think of Jeni?
    Renji: Jeni? Why do you ask?
    Haruichi: Interest. Simple interest. I’m curious to know what other guys think of her. So, what is your opinion?
    Renji: Well, Jeni… She’s quite cute.
    Haruichi: Cute? Really? Are you kidding me?
    Renji: Nope.
    Haruichi: Very interesting… I’d never suppose that someone would call Jeni “cute”…

    – Haruichi: Hello, Maiko.
    – Renji: Hi, Maiko.

    Characters: Chester, Jeni, Renji

    Location: Mall

    Chester: So-o-o! Jeni! Did you like it?
    Jeni: Fuck off.
    Chester: Come on, Jeni! I know, you were enjoying it! I heard you moaning!
    Jeni: You’re hearing things, moron.
    Chester: But you were riding MY dick! There’s no way you couldn’t love it!
    Jeni: I was doing it only because of your fucking money.
    Chester: Jen-!..
    Renji: Dude, the lady doesn’t want your attention. So, be a nice guy and get out of here.
    Chester: Wha-a-at?
    Renji: It’s my last warning.
    Chester: Tsch! Lucky you! If I wasn’t late for my karate classes right now…
    Jeni: Fuck off already!

    – Chester: Sorry, Maiko, you don’t get to enjoy me right now. I’ve already spent all my strength on Jeni.
    Jeni: I can still hear you, imbecile!

    A bonus and an easter egg.

    Characters: Drake

    Location: Gym

    …I didn’t hit her! It’s not true! It’s bullshit! I didn’t hit her! I did NOT!

    Oh, hi Maiko.

    1. on first one, Renji goes from looking for Tom to completing Jeni on sex. it seems is bit odd for how i see his personality. if he looking for Tom he probably actually is looking for Tom, and would go find him and not worry about Jeni. He would not say he is looking for Tom as a excuse to talk to Jeni. if he wanted to talk to Jeni he wold just talk to Jeni. see what i’m saying? Also Renji apologizing and any submissive traits in a guy is a turn off for Jeni. She definitely would not ask him to box after that.

      the first scene would better at the Cafe with Holly talking to Jeni about getting a steady boyfriend and Renji happens to be there ordering food or something. so Holly randomly uses him as a example and asks him if he liker her daughter or something out of the blue. He probably say she is cute yeah. But from a logical standpoint in relation to how many customers she has that likes her. Jeni is always getting is disagreements with her mom about being more feminine, etc. Jeni wearing eye shadow and nail polish is her moms doing. Pattie could still be there instigating all of it. But Jeni is basically not looking for BF. But Holly would bring it up anyway. Most scenes would need to happen there I would imagine.

      on the second to last one, Chester talking about some fake karate class is pretty funny but you are white knighting Renji too much. I don’t see his as one to make threats in other peoples disputes. And if he did Jeni would actually tell Renji to fuck off and not Chester. It would be a huge turn off to have some dude come to her defense, as if she is some girl that needs to be saved and cant speak for herself. That is how she woudl view the situation so she’d tell the renji to stfu heh. probably to his surprise.

      not sure who Drake is talking about. or if it s joke from some other game? idk.

      1. Thanks for the reply.

        In theory, he was actually looking for Tom at the gym but instead of him he found Jeni there. He wasn’t trying to find an excuse, he just saw her and decided to talk about previous events. As for Jeni, well, I planned that she’d already been having some liking to Renji and offer him to do some boxing not because he apologized, but because she initially wanted it.

        Maybe so. Why I chose Haruichi is because I wanted to enter him into the narrative. I thought that Jeni might not like to have a boyfriend but at her heart she wanted to meet a guy who would treat her more than just like a sex object. Renji wasn’t looking for a girlfriend as well, but he liked talking to Jeni.

        This line was completely based on the idea that Jeni and Renj are already have likings to each other. Renji was just walking to the cafe, saw Jeni and Chester together, was annoyed by a sudden thought that she’d had sex with this nerd, and just wanted him to vanish as soon as possible. Jeni, in turn, had already been annoyed and tired too much and when Renji came, she was just happy to see a much more pleasant person.

        That was what I thought, but seems, I was wrong.

        Drake is talking about this (The Room, 2003):
        ^ Great acting skills, by the way.

  10. Characters: Amber, Asugi, Toby
    Location: Mall
    Toby: Hey look it’s that tiny girl that’s always at the café.
    Asugi: Oh yeah, she looks all horny today too.
    Amber: W-what?! What are saying about me?
    Toby: We’re just saying how slutty you are.
    Amber: S-slutty?!
    Asugi: Yeah, you’re so easy I bet we could both force it into you and you wouldn’t even fight back.
    Amber: Auuuu… two tiny dicks taking turns with me…
    Toby: Ewww… Asugi I think she’s actually getting off to the idea!
    Asugi: Gross! Why would anyone put it in you? You don’t even have tits!
    Amber: Eh?! H-hey! You’d better apologize for that or I’ll…
    Asugi: Pffffft! No way flat chest!
    Characters: Asugi, Zytra, Joiry
    Location: Mall
    Joiry: Hey look at the new couple out on the town! Didn’t think Zytra would pick someone like you.
    Zytra: Uh… wait Joiry it’s not what you think honest!
    Joiry: Don’t play dumb with me, it’s obvious you and Tsugo here are up to some kinda something.
    Asugi: Tsugo? But I’m not-
    Zytra: Yes! I am with Tsugo right now, isn’t that right Tsugo?
    Zytra: (Play along, if you do we can… ‘play’ extra later.)
    Asugi: Teehee… I mean yeah I’m Tsugo. Can’t you tell by my… uh… pretty demeanor?
    Joiry: Huh? You all right blondie? Normally when you talk like that I feel like cleaning your teeth with my fist but right now I feel fine. What gives?
    Zytra: Oh sorry Joiry we don’t have time to talk. We’re off to go have some alone time right now.
    Joiry: Oh that’s cool but- OH I get what you mean! Yeah I’d be bailing too if I could get in someone like her. So I’ll just let you go then.
    Zytra: (Sorry about that… I just don’t want everybody knowing at school.)
    Asugi: (That’s fine but I’m holding you to your promise.)
    Zytra: (Yeah I know…)
    Characters: Kyle, Alfie
    Location: Mall
    Alfie: Hey man! Don’t think I didn’t see that!
    Kyle: Huh? Who are you? And see what?
    Alfie: You just took a picture of the beautiful Zytra! Don’t try to lie your way out of it!
    Kyle: Well… yeah! I need to get pictures for the yearbook somehow and besides it wasn’t even a dirty shot or anything!
    Alfie: You’re going to need to hand over that camera buster…
    Kyle: W-what?! Hell no man!
    Kyle: Maiko give me a hand here! I actually was doing my job for once! Honest!
    Maiko: Um… lets all just calm down and for your information mister. Kyle really is part of the photography club, even if he does look pretty shifty…
    Kyle: Hey!
    Alfie: Well if a pretty girl like you will stick up for him, I guess he’s telling the truth.
    Characters: Kyle, Lester
    Location: Mall
    Kyle: O-oh hello sir! Sorry to bother you but can I just say you’re looking excellent today and-
    Lester: Whoa slow down! Nobody sucks up that fast without an agenda. What do you want from me kid?
    Kyle: Well I just heard that you worked at Gemco and a ‘certain’ division of theirs was looking for more cameramen…
    Lester: Oh! Hahaha! I wasn’t expecting such direct applicants for a job like this. What’s your name kid?
    Kyle: It’s Kyle sir.
    Lester: Well Kyle, lets just say your gusto earned you a spot on my short list…
    Kyle: Yes! Thank you so much sir!
    Kyle: Woooo! Maiko I did it! I finally made it!
    Maiko: Made what?! What’s going on?
    Lester: Hmm, your friend looks quite… qualified for a different position there. Miss would you be interested in a casting interview?
    Maiko: Um… no thank you.
    Characters: Jeni, Asugi, Timmy
    Location: Mall
    Asugi: Hey there she is! Quick, go talk to her!
    Timmy: Excuse me….. um….
    Jeni: Uh… did you need something little guy?
    Timmy: Um… you’re really pretty and cute and… uh
    Jeni: Wow uh… thanks I guess. That’s really nice of you.
    Asugi: Don’t forget to give her the money!
    Jeni: Money? What for?
    Timmy: Um… café stuff…
    Jeni: Oh- OH! Kid don’t try stuff like that out here! You’ll get everyone in trouble!
    Timmy: S-sorry…
    Jeni: If you really want that… *sigh* I’ll be there in a few minutes…
    Asugi: See I told you she’d agree!

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