January 2, 2024

36 thoughts on “Umichan Tap Clicker

  1. I saw the thumbnail and just about fell out of my chair laughing. I’ll definitely be giving the game a try, but that thumbnail was all I needed.

  2. Clicker game! Now if only there were a goal. Clicker games never really have a goal to reach except MORE. Whee~

  3. Sorry for the same question…
    The Umichan for the patreon is Update?

    (Im a Mexican and 5 Dolars is so much expensive, i’ll donate only the month when the update is release)

    1. It is updated every month. This month update is already posted. But you can wait for public if you need to.

  4. In short, guys, this game is in a testing stage.
    If you do like it, just tell us. If you want this game to be updated from time to time – just tell us. There’s a chance that it will become something bigger. Maybe even much bigger.

    Dreams… Dreams…
    Sweet dreams are made of this.

    1. I’m not at a point here I can start another big project thoguh. It is very easy to become overwhelmed by trying to do too much extra when you are already in the middle of stuff. The game is possible because it very simple and small. making it more than that idk when I would be able to do it. yes updates from time to time is more manageable. I designed and coded it with that in mind.

        1. I do also feel like the game can have something more unique added to it besides more of X or Y since it doesn’t have to be concerned about being suitable for all ages. I feel like there like there is a lot for stuff that is untapped (no pun intended) for hentai clicker game.

          One idea I had was I can add bathroom and shower backgrounds that make the character shiny/wet and all the panties transparent. or you can buy those backgrounds with the $ you get in the game. Other background could have other effects. There is also the butt plugs. Adding more character and panties is obvious but the is the not so obvious stuff I am really looking for here. hentai games normally also have a pleasure bar but I’m not sure how it would work here besides a cum spray or something.

          Also the gallery is one thing but I was lazy/tired from resizing the art currently in the game. You would need to resize the stuff in your extras folder to fit 1280 X 960. and be cropped to just show the butts, or panties rather, to make a gallery. Because you do have some nice details on the panties that are not visible since the size needed to be reduced. the DL could also have the full size images etc.

          1. Lots of ideas, lots of ideas. 🙂

            You or we should choose something certain and focus on it. Also, apart from updating the game with new stuff, some of the current details should be changed, I think.
            There’s actually a big list of ideas I have, but I will post them only if you want me to do it and only if you decide to turn this game into something really wonderful. You know, I myself don’t want this game to be just an entertainment to be played for five minutes. 🙂

          2. I already mentioned to post ideas in the comments. But I may or may not do them. It depends on the idea. I can’t guarantee anything.

  5. oh nice one, but like you said is too small, you can finish very fast (sad), but is good, just need more things, like girls and itens to make more “idle” xD.

    1. I am still trying to wrap my brain around the concept of wanting to play something that you don’t play heh. As Selvira these type games required always something more to unlock or whatever. I can’t always be updating a game thoguh. usually the best method there is to have user generated content.

  6. Could imagine a few more stages, like sometimes an front view with boob slapping.

    Is it some part of the story? Like an donate marathon for something? *giggle*

    Funny little game. 🙂

    1. Thanks this is not part of the story. clicking boob is a little dangerous because of the snowball effect it has. I would just at most have bare boobs, but then someone will wonder why they don’t have bras and want them, then whenever new panty is added you need a new bra for it also, etc. I’m actually wondering if I could make this in 3D thoguh.

  7. It’s a OK mini, there is potability of a lot of hidden easter egg for this flash. This can be use n a arcade high score set up. But will have to be some type of way of a game over. Sounds like Magical Kitty might be involve with this with Leyah in some way. LOL

    1. I learned from pattiecake that there are too may people with auto clickers to make this in to a high score game heh. If I added Easter eggs I’m not sure how many people would even get them heh. maybe just references to aria.

      1. You make a good point, as for arcade high scores I think you need to make mini flash that have to do more than just click as fast as you can. Maybe a puzzle like Tetris hentai. Puzzle flash games are fun.

        1. Talking about clicks, I think, the initial idea of this game was to focus on the automatic DPS rather than on manual clicks.

      2. I’m with joe, someone can get Tendinitis hahahaha.
        You can make one about knowledge of UMCH/ARIA series, you make 1 girl making question, after a certain of hits he gets some reward, a picture or animation of this girl.
        But this one don’t fit the arcade lol.
        need something more competitive.

  8. There is also the Fallout games where the level up system also have a perks type of system. Special abilities or status for your character. Don’t mind me, I’m talking out of my ass. I have no idea how you’ll turn this into more than what it is. Only thing I can think of is to be a arcade mini of high score.

  9. Fun game for what it is. The fact that you put it together in about a day speaks volumes about the clicker genre a a whole.

    Was a fun way to spend an hour but not sure I’d give it a go again even if new content was added. I liked that the newly named Chester was incorporated, more fleshed out characters can lead to more stories/games down the road.

      1. Sorry, didn’t mean it as a knock against you. You have more than a few games under your belt so of course you’re experienced. The game is actually put together nicely, the sound quality alone is better than a lot of stuff out there and the art meshes with the current UMCH art so continuity is preserved.

        You’ve mentioned before that trying to please everyone on the internet is a waste of time and you’re right. Clicker games just aren’t my thing so it’s no biggie. Keep making stuff you want to make and I’ll keep enjoying the rest of it.

  10. I like it, allot….for a clicker game anyway.
    But feel its lacking… hmm… maybe its a little too much “basic clicker” game? Not a huge fan of those games, maybe spread it out have some actual “fun” if you know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    A few ideas:
    1. “Attacks”
    Pinching, poking, kissing, grabbing, spreading, rubbing, … theres allot of actions you could be doing! maybe finger them? use a dildo? why not a paddel? not everyone likes slapping…

    EDIT: Thats another idea, maybe curtain girls can like curtain actions more? This girl likes a paddeling while that girls hates it, she likes a good booty groping tho. Learning these could add a nice bit of depth to the game

    2. “Targets”
    Pleasure or pain? slap the ass for a red cheek or make her cum?

    3. Areas
    Where you interact with the girls in curtain areas for speciel effects. Theres already some speciel areas but unlocking cool ones like the…
    pool to have fun in or around the water? splashing/wetness could be cool
    in class “dont get spotted”?
    At the mall…

    4. Positions
    Bent over, standing, crouching, sitting.. etc get them anywhere or any time!

    5. Options menu
    Select which upgrade you want to apear. Enable/disable different panties you have unlocked for example.

    6. body areas
    Playing with the booty is fine and all but theres plenty of other fun parts to play with. Bewbs being a big one (literally in some cases)

    Probably went a bit far here but this could be amazing!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, it not too far, it’s kind of more of what I was looking for to take into account the game is hentai as opposed to clicking monsters or whatever. Looking for what can be different instead of just adding more of what is already here. just kind of skipping around here.

      very interested in having unique things going on in each area but I’m not sure what you mean by don’t get spotted in class. or what could be done at the mall. some place they could be embarrassed to be at in panty so their bar goes down. or goes down if one of the guy characters are peeping idk.

      I could have a teacher paying and not paying attention. But it conflicts with DPS since DPS always clicks.

      side boob is probably easy to make a clickable region. Maybe one DPS can only click boobs (if the girl has any side boob)

      shouldn’t be too hard to be able to disable panties.

      different attack types seems okay but it might conflict with the DPS helpers.

      Dildo assumes no panties, but most have panties with covered vagina. dildo would have only have naked girls. probably not a bad thing. maybe a time time item, toggle item, or recharge ability after buying dildo.

      sitting is probably easy as it would mostly be just removing the legs. could also have open legs standing.

      1. Looks like we are on the same page.

        Yeah i like evrything you said.
        Very interested in the dildo idea, like a mode that uses the dildo for a little while, said mode has increased pay and is nude+using dildo. With a cooldown after it expires, really like that idea. Upgrade could be penis/fucking with maybe an after effect of cum dripping status effect. Im having allot of fun here, lol.

        In the class im thinking forced to pleasure them (due to the loud noises of slapping) with some diferent moans from the girl, like she covering her mouth? more of a “try not to get caught”?

        In the mall “onlookers” can cause the progress bar to drop a little each time they look or increase slower, resulting in it being harder but a higher payout and maybe speciel bonus if you click on some npc’s? like they join in for a few seconds?

        But yeah i like the idea of more hentai and less “boring clicky monster”

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