Agent Trainer pvp test feedback requested

Finally finished a prototype test game for Aria agent trainer pvp stuff
I’m not totally sure this particular game will be called agent trainer but I will roll with it for now.

play it here:

there is a chat in there but post feedback,ideas, etc here in this post.

keep in mind this is just a pvp test and there is no hentai really in the game yet aside from having red Khalei.

what are thoughts on character growth?

where you able to beat Arielle and Phia?
if so what stats,weapons, and Khalei did you have?

what are thoughts on having patreon benefits? this is just a test run of that.
took a minute to think about how it would actually be possible. but I got it working.
this would be addition to the normal monthly patreon stuff at the $5 and above tier.
but allows me to have some consistent perks for even the $1 tier.

I was thinking I could have unlocked characters since there is no stat difference between characters in this game.
jccq ideas mentioned to me about a nude mode.
For now I just want cosmetic and passive progression benefits. Nothing where you can get exclusive weapons, etc.

I also working a few more small games with this functionality.