January 3, 2024

29 thoughts on “Agent Trainer pvp test feedback requested

  1. I want to remind people that the agent trainer stuff is test of the combat system only. it also test injecting patreon bonuses into games. but that is not a complete game. Again, it is just a combat system test. it seems to working ok. so this would allow me to make various games in the in the future that have these capabilities.

  2. i was able to beat phia with something around 300 combat, but the main point was the green khalei, it is pretty useful against her, but kinda useless against ari, since the laser counts as multiple hits.

    1. Ah yeah I can see that. I’m not sure if Ari is beatable since she scales based on you own girls stats.

      A trick would be to switch to a girl you don’t use. Then manually select her from find special agent option. them switch back to your main to fight her.

      Thanks for posting

    1. Many thanks for posting and trying it out, yeah that makes sense. you are pushing out over 5k damage a turn and Ari would have 5500 HP. Shield absorbs all of her initial attack.

      1. Sometimes I can get third attack turn, but most of the time Ari get’s it. I can still beat her though so.

  3. I can pretty easily beat both Arielle and Phil. With 2000 HP, Weapon 2, 2000 Combat, and Red so I can mostly kill them in one turn

  4. Noticed the resources vanish to 0 everytime you register the character. Kinda makes building resources a pain if you have to come and go. Everything else seemed to work appropriately.

    1. that is working appropriately also.

      if you want to register and keep playing with your same resources just load right after you register. Be sure to read the descripton of Register Agent on the game page.

  5. Beat every agent.

    Red Khalei, 5 shot laser and around 900 attack. When I went against Phia I had the shield from Bri so her first attack does nothing and she is oblitareted by my counter.
    I think I beat Tiffany thanks to the 20% autowin if you have your breast exposed.

    All in all, entertaining but a bit too grindy. But as a test is quite good.

    1. many thanks for the feedback. hopefully it will seem less grindy when the rest of the game is implemented. That won’t be till a bit later as I need to work on some other games.

  6. I think the best way would be to have the resource grind be faster as you rank up, so you can possibly be able to train all the girls without loosing your mind in the process ^^U

    1. keep in mind that later on there will more to the game than this multiplayer piece. you will be able to train the girls stats in a single player mode that won’t involve repeated battles to gain resources for stats.

  7. Hey thanks for creating such great game keep going ♥

    *Rank rewards
    *Font shadow or better sci-fi fonts
    *More special agents, clothes and upgrades
    *Better backgrounds or more focus on the characters
    *Some rape scenes after defeating an enemy (no need to be animated)

    1. an suggestion for what rank rewards might be? I have outfits there currently.
      rape scenes coming. ttrop just need to recolor the hair but we are working on other stuff atm. almost done with the other stuff thoguh.

  8. If you register->reload the webpage->load you lose all your resources. Was kinda heartbreaking to lose 2k after grinding it for a while.

    That’s about it, I suppose, otherwise met no other bugs, seems to work pretty solid otherwise.

    1. yes if you refresh of the you win page you will not have your money. taking resources away on a save and giving it back to you on load prevents a infinite resource loop.

      something the database might hang a bit because of everyone inputs. some take a few seconds to do the battle while others take only a spit second. I’m going to need to update the game to reduce sever side database calls.

      1. Thank you very much for the response and explanation.

        Keep up the great work. Just a side question, as I haven’t seen anything about it.
        Situation: Bought yellow, bought red.

        Can I swap freely between them?

        1. not at the moment, everything replaces what you had. character, kahlei, weapon.

          there is a variable that is being sent already so i can add that functionality later though. it is character string of numbers and latter that i refer to as a save code. but no value is save in it currently because I was just testing to see if this even worked at all before i tried to make something with inventory system, etc.

          when i get it you will be able to have multiple weapons and khalei and manage multiple characters.

          1. Thank you very much, highly appreciate swift responses.

            That sounds great, looking forward to future updates

  9. After some time playing, I can easily defeat phia and arielle, like instakill, but cant defeat neither bri nor tiffany. My status are 5k life, 1,2k combat, weapon 2 and green khalei.
    Also, are you thinking of maybe doing a mobile version of this game? I think it would be very nice.

  10. thanks for everyone testing. i think I know what I need to do for this game. at 12 pm noon cst I will take the game down until I can find time to make the needed changes. right now is a bad time since I need to work on patreon stuff for next month. The game currently is causing processes to stall on the server that causes a few people to lose resources when registering.

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