Project Updates

It was brought to my attention that I have done on of these in a while so I figured I would do one real quick. In project updates a just run down the list of my different projects and side projects and mention my progress on it. If you have questions of any of this stuff feel free to ask.

2.7 is most recent and will be public this month. I don’t have anything else planned for this game at the moment aside from some polish and addition of tutorials that does a better job of getting players started.

The Rookie:
script for day 2 is done. art is also done. but some of it still needs to be animated. retroactive animations for day 1 also need to be made.

Agent Trainer:
Art for the sex scenes needed updating and that is now done. need to make story/single player component and update the player vs player component so it wont strain the server too much.

Umichan Tap Clicker:
recreated the art for this game but still need to add it in. the clothing is more consistent with clothing found in other Umichan games.

working on building the scenes for savor the moment quest. This is the highest priority item currently. v14 public this month. The David quest is the last major thing I wanted to add for the core of the game. From there I will (somehow) add the stuff that got voted on that has not been added to the game yet.

Umichan Boxer:
working on art for the sex animations for this.

Umichan 3D:
no progress on this aside from having updated models to use.

Umichan 3D online:
got AI working properly in multiplayer. Need to figure out how to pull stats from a database.

semitix vn
some character art is done but that’s about it. wont have much progress on this until after UMCH core is done.