October 16, 2023

29 thoughts on “Project Updates

  1. Wow those are a lot of project, can’t wait to reread semitix in VN form. ^_^
    A.I in Umichan 3D? It would help the complete the empty slots of those not in the server for a match.

  2. Vortex, you’re amazing on how much projects you can do. I mean, most people stick with one project and get tired of it. But you’re on a whole different level. Vortex, you’re awesome.

    1. Many thanks, it’s good to have options to switch to temporarily when you get tired of working on the same thing for a while.

      1. He might be awesome but..
        By working on so many projects at once you stretch your time beyond reasonable limit.
        Sure working on multiple projects at once probably keeps the boredom away but slows his work speed tremendously. it’s far more efficient to work on 1-2 projects at once no more, of course that only applies if efficiency is in the equation.

        1. I don’t work on them all at once heh.
          To be clear, I work on UMCH, the other stuff is what I might be working when not working on UMCH.
          everything is on hold right now until I finish next UMCH quest. there is no slow down on that.

          Often times when taking a break from UMCH, I will work on something I am interested in at that moment then I will post a little demo, or idea, or whatever it is Then someone comes around asking me when I will finish it heh.

  3. Would you consider giving Riley and/or Lynn the “standard” scenes in Aria? Given their characters, you could maybe force certain criteria to be true to access them. Something like: All of the main girls are injured, then Jeo takes part in battle himself, and the two of them play rock paper scissors to determine who has to take care of his recovery afterwards.

    1. Thanks for the idea, but I’d rather not make them standard sex chicks like everyone else in ARIA. I didn’t even want to add the dream scene all that much. however having said that, there is something similar to your idea in day two script of the rookie. also If all main girls are injured there is Amp, Remi, Goo, Ai and F. Agents to fill in.

  4. Well most of those vote in things shouldn’t be too hard to add. Lot of them already have some kind of context or history to them.

    Also didn’t know the boxing game was having animations. Now I’m curious what they are.

    1. If they are not in there already there are probably harder for me to ad than it seems.

      boxing animations are like the cafe riding ones but turned around like people have mentioned in other posts/places.

  5. Wow, it’s been awhile. You’ve gotten so much stuff done, I’m impressed! Are you easier to get along with now I wonder~

    Just some questions, sorry if they’ve been asked before, is the final version of UMCH going to still game over if you let Maiko get pregnant? And are any of the other girls capable of getting pregnant too? I understand preggo content might not be a thing or is demanding work, but abortion can be a option too if having a child in the mix makes things complicated.

    1. yeah sorry I am trying with pregnancy but it just a huge buzzkill for me. Yeah the final version will still game over but it will have different scenes depending on who got her pregnant thoguh.

  6. Everything sounds awesome, nice to see constant updates

    Any dates/approximates for releases of 3D online and agent trainer?

    1. I don’t have dates, but I have a order I plan to do stuff. finish UMCH, then get trainer test back running to to see if it doesn’t stall the server anymore. Tap clicker and the Rookie, either or.

      For 3D online I have teach myself how to get data from a database in unity. and I’m not sure when I will be able to start researching it. 3D online stuff I works on when taking a break from main stuff.

  7. I’ve seen very few free devs/artists who put out as much content as you with this kind of consistency and quality. You da man!

  8. got three more savori scenes to go. planning to finish today. but then I have to still program them into UMCH. but that doesn’t long.

    1. Because I have no reason to keep repository of old versions outside of my computer and backup drives. Also repos are really designed around team based projects sharing files among other team members, and primarily consisting of text files. So I’d rather upload to places originally and specifically designed to handle high traffic and large files.

  9. Just curious, I know that ARIA is technically done, but what’s the chances of more Custom Maker support or maybe even a standalone release of updates aside from the actual game itself? We’re still missing a couple things here an there that could be added. Still dont have any futa animations so it’s kind of hard to contrive Remi-based storylines. Which in my case is one of the main characters. Just my two cents I guess.

    1. Yeah for ARIA I still wanted to make fairly decent in game tutorials, and touch up the sound effects and various other things. the editor can have updates as requested. I can add some of the futa animation stuff. I figured I covered all that stuff but I guess it was just yuri.

        1. I’ll get it done just need to finish savori quest stuff. taking longer than expected. I forgot how long these main quests take to put together.

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