January 3, 2024

27 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. Wow that is a lot of VN game type news right there. Now if only something can be done about Crystal Hunter. I see a old RPG Maker might of been use for Crystal Hunter.

    1. Some of the crystal hunter characters are redrawn but not enough to make a VN version of the game. What is needed are some of the things they fight and the students at the school.

    1. Thanks usually if I am not posting I am busy working on stuff. So it just a matter of when I finally finish to make a update.

        1. Man that char…. look identical when he was 16 years old!!!! WOW this is make so nostalgic… Jay was so shy and embarrassed in those days!! SOOO CUTEEEE!!!!!! *dies*

  2. Damn that’s a lot of projects to look at. Were it any other creator I’d be worried about things getting done but you don’t stop making stuff so I don’t got to worry about that.

    If you don’t want the arcade to be a thing, you could still have it be an option but the area the button takes you too is just Leyah’s scene and Maiko decides to leave to not bother her.

    Gloryhole’s are kind of a ‘public use’ kind of thing. So you could make it another thing at the sex club or cafe or maybe just some secret hole in the wall in Nanako city npc’s give rumors about. Kind of depends on the context you want for it I suppose.

    1. yeah but there is no city or arcade areas. I’m really trying to avoid adding areas just to cram in a sex scene. it defeats why I am making this game.

      gloryhole in the school seems like it would be easily discovered. it might fit for a special scene at the cafe.

      leyah’s scene even with the context of wanting money to play games just doesn’t really sit well with me atm.

  3. Here’s an idea: what you thought of adding extra bonuses for completing games? Like alternative scenes that wouldn’t make sense in the canon of the games but added due to fun/fan demand?

  4. I just need to finish editing a few php scripts and agent trainer should be ready for a stability test at least. I just need it to not be about to crash the site then I can continue working on it and add in the sex scenes etc.

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