Agent Trainer dialogue thoughts and things on my list to do.

updating Agent Trainer is next of my stuff to do list.

but I want to make sure my issues list is not missing anything.
These are in no particular order

-rank updates automatically (cant guarantee but going to look into it)
-add hentai scenes, there are currently 2 sex images per girl. possible animations added later.
-add dialogue scenes.
-see enemy outfit they selected not default outfit.
-get more money for fighting harder agent.
-make MLaWs and KaTs on even footing on terms of which to pick.

for dialogue they are one liners at the end of combat similar to ARIA and ARIO.
need various for win and lose.
also there are casual talk lines you can initial from the menu and they will talk about whatever. kind of like talk option in ARIA.

sex scenes with be likely naked pose leading up to the sex images. they will have cumshot variations also.


character traits
Hanah (orange hair)
starting personality: Shy, Friendly, Clumsy
body trait(s): Normal
specialty: Masturbation
likes: Study (smarts training)

Candy (red hair)
starting personality: Friendly, Lazy, Playful
body trait(s): Petite, Perky Boobs
specialty: Hand Job
Likes: Talk (one of the free orders)

Moiji (black hair)
starting personality: Obedient, Judgemental, Serious
body trait(s): Normal, Big Boobs
specialty: Tit-Fuck
Likes: Cook (one of the free orders)

Jaina (yellow hair)
starting personality: Obedient, Tactical, Confident
body: Fit, Perky Boobs
specialty: Vaginal Sex
Likes: Combat missions and training

Linda (pink hair)
starting personality: Friendly, Agile
body: Fit
specialty: Blow Job
Likes: Civil missions

Purin (light purple/blue hair)
starting personality: Lazy, Friendly, Confident, Nympho
body: Curvy, Big tits
specialty: Lap Dance
Likes: Free

Vux (green hair)
starting personality: Rebellious, Nympho, Vulgar, Judgemental
body: Fit, Perky Boobs
specialty: Anal Sex
Likes: Sex