January 2, 2024

10 thoughts on “ARIA Gather minigame

      1. I think it isnt a possibly bad idea to have a reward for top 3 in these sorts of arcade games. But something very very small.

          1. Something like ability to suggest a scene or certain pose of a character (if it fits the character’s personality and story). But to avoid putting more workload on you, you could maybe give a list of characters this suggestion is available towards? Something that keeps enough of your creative freedom intact but allows for a certain request (with no guarantees).

          2. Thanks, the goal with these games has always been that you can try to the get the high-score for fun if you want.

            they are all made just for fun, I didn’t make them with intent on having to draw stuff as a prize. I think if I did they would net even exist heh. because drawing a pic actually takes longer than it takes to make a small game like this.

          3. I understand it might take longer to make/implement, which is why I said the prize could only be a non-binding suggestion or request that you would implement if you would see fit in a non-descript amount of time. Was just an idea, I don’t personally mind either way, I play arcade games for fun : )

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