How to get high sex exp with Maiko in UMCH

Earlier I had mentioned there are some things in the game people may not know about. This is one of those things.
This has been in the game forever so I’m not sure how far back it goes. But the sex minigame gets a lot easier for Maiko after she gets 400+ sex exp.
even when she has 100, 200 and 300 exp increments. This explains how to get high sex exp for Maiko easily without even doing the minigame.

1. Go to the classroom and fail the first test with Tom, and accept sex from Tom after.
2. After sex Go to the Nurse and click the pill icon, to remove pill status so you wont get a game over later. you will need to reduce Maiko stress level back down. In the video I pull and release her boobs repeatedly but it is probably faster to go back to her home and take a shower.
3. Take the remaining test you will automatically get an A. you can leave the test as soon as it begins by looking down and pressing the clock.
4. Go to the cafe and do the matching game until it gets to lvl 2 (4 boxes)
5. from the minigame get exactly 1 pleasure client.
6. Click the cart icon to go back and fourth to the cafe store and back to the main area until Stacy is seen standing next to Holly.
7. Select pleasure for Friend (the heart icon). Finish the animation.
8. You should have more than 500 Money, Exit the cafe, go to the bookstore in the Mall and buy the Pleasure Tips book.
9. Go back to Maiko’s home and select the book icon several times, Sleep when the tasks run out. The book not showing any text is a bug.
10. Repeat clicking the book and sleeping until 400+ exp

A this point winning in the cafe should be a lot easier. There is no point in having more than 400 exp.