HS: Lips Are Moving


Testing mmd motions in honey select. But the studio where you can run mmd motions is actuality kind of trash heh. definitely requires a video editor for the final product to cut stuff out properly. I just left some of it in intentionally though. I’m guessing you would have to actually add in some delay to the song and motion file so you can have some time to hide the interface before the motion and song starts. Also I forgot to add facial stuff in this but I’m not sure if it will recognize it anyway. Also was hoping the hair would move a bit more than it is. Not sure how to change that or if it is worth even trying to figure out heh.

Also the camera controls are a bit crazy here. I noticed the mouse of the screen in the first take but then realized on the second take that there is way to pan up and down with only keyboard controls(?). I also reduced the breast size since making this version of Maiko, but it is still a nice size, just a bit more believable since the character model is a bit more realistic compared to my other stuff.