January 2, 2024

11 thoughts on “Maiko x Jeni animation wip

  1. Awesome!!! I have 3 questions, I hope that it wont annoy you xD

    Whats the story behind this scene?
    Is this scene on the next UMCH update?
    Is there a date for the next UMCH update?

  2. To be honest, didn’t really expect to see a yuri scene with Jeni. Idk why, just a part of me kind of felt that it wouldn’t be something she’d do. I also thought that if we ever did get a yuri scene with her that she’d be the dominant one, with her wearing a strap-on. Really wondering what led up to this scene. Will Jeni have any yuri scenes with other girls, or is it just this one?

    1. It was a patreon voted animation. They don’t really need to make 100% sense and don’t have to be canon either. They can be almost any character(s) doing just about anything as long as people vote on it.

  3. Looking forward to the story behind this scene. 😛 I wasn’t aware that such a pose was physically possible. I guess the dildo is just at a constant curve?

  4. looking great. that sexual position itself looks rather akward (as in it makes you wonder about its physics), but otherwise its hot

  5. You have no idea how happy this makes me. Jeni x Maiko is like, my OTP since UMCC lol. I just played Midnight Madness finally. This seems like it could fit in that story quite easily. Here’s hoping that’s where it ends up!

  6. Oh boy, I can’t wait for more yuri action! Thanks to the patrons for making this happen! (and the whole SVP crew for actually “making this,” too!)

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