January 2, 2024

31 thoughts on “Umichan 3D ideas, Feedback Requested

  1. I had an idea for gameplay but it might be a bit much. I think it would be cool to switch between different characters when playing. Maybe unlock them after certain quests. (Pattie, Riley, Luma, etc).
    Each playable character could have a few quests which are unique to them.

    For quests, do you plan on adding different choices and ways to complete them or are they 1 way quests?

    I had 1 idea where Kyle, Jay and Chester were spying on Jeni and taking pictures while she was changing clothes but she spotted them so they are now hiding around the map and Jeni is searching for them.
    If it’s 1 way, you must escort them to safety and avoid Jeni but if it is multi-choice, you can either help them escape or help Jeni find them. Maybe even help them but only if they pay you (if money is on this game).

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Not sure on different characters yet but yeah I can have different outcomes for quests.

  2. Well,dont have any ideias right now,but i really hope that this game will be run in my very old pc LoL!

  3. Here are some quest ideas I have.

    1 – Jay wants help making a porn video so he asks you to find a boy and a girl willing to have sex while being filmed. The player must ask different students in the school and find 1 girl and 1 boy who are willing to do it. You can ask several different students but only some will agree. (Pattie, Leyah, Zytra/David, Kyle, Drake). The combination of which girl and which boy you have doesn’t effect the mission since any girl who agrees will do it with any boy who agrees. You don’t need an exact combination.

    2 – A stranger has been sneaking onto school grounds and spray painting. You must find him tagging a wall and when you do, you can either turn him in or you can let him go. Maybe you can trigger a sex scene if you let him go. This could be a simple find mission, but to make it more interesting, maybe he can spawn at a different wall so when replaying the quest on a new game, it isn’t just a matter of going to the same place as last time. It could also have a time limit until he finishes tagging and leaves the school, causing the quest to fail.

    3 – You meet one of the characters in a quiet part of the school grounds and have sex with them. I’m not sure who yet though. Any character who can run. During the sex, a school staff member finds both of you and chases you around the school grounds. You must run away from them while half naked. When you have lost the chasing staff member, you must return to your clothes and put them on, in the place where you were found having sex.

    4 – Joiry is worried that he might not be a good enough boyfriend for Luma so he asks you for advice. You take him on a simulated date and exchange dialogue in a nice part of the map. After this, you get a kissing scene, massage scene and a sex scene.

    1. these are good ideas thanks. I probably can’t make the stranger painting stuff but I can just in general have a stranger there. The idea for joiry is perfect.

      1. That’s good to hear. I will leave some more ideas if I come up with any. I should be able to think of some later.

  4. I would suggest doing something similar to “The Rookie” only in school environment. Player could be a transfer student (with character customizations maybe). It could be right after the UMCH in timeline perspective.

    1. Thanks I could do that later however, at the moment I’d rather add more to what I already have started doing here.

  5. I might leave some suggestions or ideas later, but I believe in a 3D game and area, whether how big or small it is, should have good flow with movement. Movement often fells strange and clunky in 3D especially with a 3rd person view point, mainly because issues with the camera following the avatar. Also, I would personally request a way to “fast-travel” or ability to move around quicker if you plan to increase the location because in large 3D areas as it is often a burden attempting to move throughout the map.

    1. Yeah I need to fix the camera hitting the other character as they follow Maiko. Thanks for the feedback. Also if I change the area, yeah I would make it smaller.

  6. I imagine Umichan 3D as Yandere-chan because they are very similar, obviously without violence and blood. It would be possible to work in sports and clubs to do more activities in school. Maybe it is a very global idea but you would get some good ideas.

  7. It’s Non-canon, right? In that case, provided you like the idea, and you find the time to do it, a “quest” of some sorts where you find Amber doing… various people/things (Masturbating, a dildo, Roise, Tom, the main Nurse, the Boxing team…) which would culminate with you confronting her, and her saying she’s doing “research” for her next novel.

  8. An idea i have is having all the characters of the Umichan universe in the game and have each of them give you a quest or a series of quests and after you complete the quests you get to have sex with the NPC.
    Each NPC should have a quest suited for their personality. For example Jeni’s quest series could be defeating certain opponents and eventually defeating her and unlocking the option of having sex with her.
    Another example is that Roise’s quest series could be doing lewd things like giving her a lapdance and running around campus naked and stuff like that.

    I’d like to suggest adding a minimap to help getting around.

    1. Thanks for the ideas. I don’t have all the characters modeled but I can see what i can do with the ones I have atm.

  9. Here’s some more quests I thought of.

    1 – A remote controlled drone was reported being used to spy on girls around the school. (The drone can either be a car or flying based on what you prefer). Kyle is suspected of being the owner of the drone so he has been ordered to stay put while agents or school staff search the schoolgrounds for it. Kyle asks you to find it and deliver it to Pattie in a safer location. It is too large to risk carrying around so you must control it with the remote. When controlling the drone, you can either move it directly to an agent/staff, into the water or to Pattie. For the remote, you either give it to an agent/staff (if you send drone to agent/staff), throw it away (if you put drone in water) or give it to Pattie (if you send drone to her).

    2 – Luma convinces Riley that she needs to hookup with a nice boy to help her with all the stress and anger. Luma then asks you to help Riley find a boyfriend while she goes to do something else. You then walk around with Riley following you and have to go close enough to different boys around the grounds to see if Riley is interested in them or not. Riley will react to each boy with a unique comment for each character (David = “Far too aggressive”). Out of all the boys you can find, she will only choose one of a small few. (Chris, Renji, anyone else who has good behaviour). This will trigger some dialogue between Riley and the boy, she will hesitantly ask him out which will later lead to a sex scene. Maybe you go somewhere and discover them which activates the scene.

    3 – Chester and David have challenged each other to a boxing match which is meant to be later that day. Chester asks you to buy some kind of drug with will improve his performance in the fight. He won’t buy it himself due to being nervous. I’m not sure who will sell the drug. A student which is likely to steal from the nurse’s office and sell some stuff. Or maybe the stranger I mentioned in the graffiti idea. This gives you the choice to either tell David about this, buy the correct drug, or buy a drug which will cause Chester to be tired and weak. If you tell David, he will confront Chester but decide to wait until the match before hitting him. During the match, David will win the fight and you can get a sex scene with him. If you help Chester, Chester will win the fight and you can get a sex scene with him. If you give Chester the wrong drug, David will win the fight and you won’t get a sex scene with either of them.

    4 – A small group of students are gathered around in the yard playing truth or dare. You join them midway through the game and it quickly becomes you vs 1 or 2 other players as other players have backed out or failed dares before you joined. The exchange of dialogue is each player getting dared. The dares include things such as flashing, licking a part of someone’s body, insulting a staff member and other small tasks. You can either attempt to complete each dare during your turn or you can give up. After enough dares, the other plays give up and you can win the game. However, it is possible to get into trouble for each dare, requiring you to run and/or hide if spotted by staff then returning when it is clear. If you get busted, you lose the game of dares.

    1. good stuff! thanks. yeah for Chester thing he can just know there is something in the infirmary to help boost strength. There is in UMCH.

      1. Thanks. And yeah I forgot about that. Since Remi seems to have no problem selling it in CH, a dealer won’t be needed.

    1. in here it is implied when Kyle or whoever it was say he has to keep cleaning the infirmary even though the room is not used. And the random student having sex on the quest to find Kyle. I just kind of figured that non of those characters know about it atm.

  10. I love the path this game is taking, and since it’s non canon, you have the freedom to make sort of a hentai dating sim, from a girl’s angle(Maiko), since there is almost none out there
    And it’s making me remember of Bully, and that’s a good thing

        1. I’d put it in my top 5 games.

          There are rumours of a Bully 2 being worked on and possibly released in 2019.
          I can only hope.

  11. I”ll just love a game like artificial academy 2 with a heck lot of sex stuff. I know you can make an awesome game like that.

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