Umichan 3D ideas, Feedback Requested

With completion on UMCH in sight, I have been looking at some of my other projects I didn’t get to explore more because UMCH overshadowed it. One of these things was Umichan 3D.
If you haven’t played it please check it out here:

Umichan 3D

With the recent hype of games like House Party I look at my Umichan 3D and essentially see I was doing something very similar here 2 years ago. A lot more simplified of course. But if I spent as much time doing that as I did with UMCH the 3D would be pretty awesome heh.

Of course I want to update the character graphics a little bit and also possibly make a new school area. Not over do it, just a little improvements.

But I also wanted some ideas on other things that can happen around the campus. I want basically more of what I have now, mixed with a little just crazy non canon whatever.

Currently, there is noting left to do in the game after Maiko Kyle and Pattie meet back up with Riley. So I wanted to get some ideas about things that can happen after that.
I know Maiko talks about asking Chris if he wants to have sex if you try to bang Kyle again. Maybe getting Chris to to that can be a different chain of events.

Also random stuff like guys standing around waiting for sex. Wanted to have some stuff with Luma also. Maybe people patrolling you need to stay away from.

But if you play the game and have any ideas for other stuff that can happen or other quests post them here.
I also wanted to have everything outside also just to keep it simple.