More UMCH updates

Finally finished adding bgm to all areas of the game except some of the sex scenes where I felt it was better with just the sound effects.
I was looking for a “sex” music that could optionally play here. I had one in mind but was still looking.

also redid every single button in the game with text underneath and swapped many of the icons.

Things like swimming in the pool and boxing have sound effects. even the agent when they shoot their gun.

A sound effect plays when losing a minigame such as boxing or sentbattle.
A different sound effect plays based on the type of medal you get (bronze,silver,gold)

I remember some asking for a way to turn down volumes so I did this for the bgm.
There are 3 settings and a off. also sfx can be turned on or off.

didn’t internal testing of all that there are a few bugs I am still looking into.

in the process of adding additional stuff to do after playing through the main stories like finding hidden clickable areas, more camera requests,
and a increasing difficulty sent battle and boxing opponent. could use the R.Girl for both potentially.

Also fixing some of the text where Maiko talks to herself and uses parenthesis to be more consistent with the separate chapters where no parenthesis are used.

I still need to make descriptions on the journal page.