Flash in 2020

A little over a month ago adobe announced they would be ending support for flash in 2020. This means flash plugins for browsers will longer have updates. On top of that browser companies are getting on-board to remove flash from their browsers completely by that year. This means people will need to play swf files offline and not in a browser.

I’m not sure if I will still be trying to make flash games specifically in 2020. Likely instead, I will be making games in other software. It just depends on what mechanism is created to easily be able to easily run flash. It might be an app, or whatever. There was an idea going around to make a steam app for it that seemed nice.

Either way, slowly I have been making other things that are not in flash. from the Tyranobuilder VN games, to Unity 3D stuff, to mmd. I also have a few things made in construct 2. Construct 2 and 3 can make plethora of different kinds of games. All of this is actually easier than trying to make it in flash because you are not completely starting from scratch. My current thoughts are to gradually transition into html5 games and unity3D games. But again if there is a easy convenient way play flash games I will continue that also.

Tom Fulp of Newgrounds has a nice post talking about it.