January 2, 2024

7 thoughts on “MMD: Me and My Girls

  1. Any plans for a new Luma MMD model or maybe Remi or Holly? I completely understand the games being higher priority, I feel they rightfully should be. I just would like to see more Luma with a new model up the standards of the new Maiko and Zytra models. Holly I just find attractive and Remi would be nice to see an attempt at futanari MMD.

    Either way though thank you for your work, I hope all your future projects go smoothly.

    1. Many thanks~ Yeah Luma for sure. Remi I had plans to try it. Holly was not planned by can try to get to it eventually. I wanted to try Jeni also.

      I just always work on Maiko first to try new edits. Zytra and/or Pattie next to adjust those edits on larger and smaller body configurations. Then after the three main body types are done, I can do the other characters using those as a base. The problem is I am always trying out new edits so I rarely get to characters like Luma. I actually had Luma and Roise done earlier but they became outdated before I even got to use them. I think with this edit I’ll be good for white a while and will be able to get to a lot of the other characters. I’d have a lot more video done if not for all the editing.

      As for the game coming first, yeah it is good to know little bit about the characters from the games so people can like more about them than just the appearance of the model.

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