October 8, 2023

18 thoughts on “UMAA pre-alpha prototype

  1. First thing I noticed is that I hate the camera pan. It just feels odd compared to the fluidity of UMCH.

    I hope the boob playing returns as it was kinda fun to do, and imo better than clicking for a jiggle. Maybe this time if Maiko is naked you can see her use her hands to play with her nipples or breast?

    Audio sounds fine on my end, but the scene was lagging and I’m on my gaming PC using the browser version. And the panning doesn’t feel good for hentai scenes either.

    The minigame feels a little claustrophobic especially since you can’t move. The spawning and killing of enemies felt overwhelming to me. If you aren’t using the AR it feels like you will die quickly. The water gun is also balanced well, I like how it gets wetter, but would be nice if there was one more stage for getting the nipples exposed.

    1. I’ll need to work on the scrolling I have a few ideas for that.

      I had hand stuff in umcc. I can make it like that. However I don’t think I’ll have the click and drag stuff like in UMCH. it something more catered to flash. More interaction on the boobs is a lot more feasible though.

      the enemies’ spawn rate here is random, and with random weapons, you will get overwhelmed at times, especially with a low damage and shoot speed weapon. it is all just for the purposes on testing though.

      also keep in mind it is possible to have allies here. So you won’t have space to move anyway.
      also i have buttons on the sides for mobile.

      1. I’m in favor of losing the click and drag if it means we get different interactions with the breast.

        Fair. Though I do want to point out that the water pistol felt the most balanced and things should be balanced around it.

        Playing on the phone I was okay with the size of it, so I assume given time I’ll be fine with it on the PC.

  2. Okay just tried the mobile one.

    The boob jiggling fits it, but still don’t like it for the desktop version.

    The mini game controls were solid and for some reason didn’t feel claustrophobic like when playing on desktop. I guess it’s perception.

    The audio and scene lag badly on mobile.

  3. Not going to lie I’m a little sad that we’re not getting a character creation game this time haha, but I’m looking forward to UMAA! Also I forgot her name (the green hair director of the agency) I would love to see a scene in a future game. Thank You for all the great games.

    1. Thanks, yeah Maiko was pretty far ahead in the voting so I went with her. custom was 2nd though so I will see what I can do there later on. with top down stuff things becomes little easier since assets can be reused across multiple characters.

  4. top down shooter remind me of good ol gaming days… but could use some upgrade like:

    for shooter game
    1. movable character? you know like those old top down shooting game
    2. upgrade system… get better gun, armor and stuff

    for pov
    1. use back breast jiggle from umch its better IMO
    2. its unrelated but i like that nipple peek out in her uniform

    for sex scene
    1. so far i couldnt comment much cause i see its like good ol content like UMCH
    2. cumming animation? i know its lot of work getting it to work and stuff… or you could just put frame (initial cum) by frame (until final messy cum) with flashing light (i know its implemented but add a bit more frame?)…

    final word
    good to see another big project coming in…

    1. Remember that there will be characters next to Maiko on both sides. There won’t be room to move. I think currently having a lack of ways to mitigate bullets is the base issue some may be experiencing, so you want to move around.

      Yes keep in mind that this is just the initial engine so far. I’m only just testing very basic stuff here. There will be more to the shooter then this. Through allies and various abilities, there will ways to mitigate damage. atm I’m just trying to work out the basic engine.

      The game is described in more detail in this post:

      for the sex stuff once I manage to deal with the lag. i will investigate cum animation

      1. ok my bad for not reading all post… i see having allies beside could mess up a bit of moving unless you programmed them to move with you like those shoot em up mini plane beside you…

        well its just my early judgement, cant wait to see it expand…

        as for the sex scene, yes, initial starting of scene always laggy for me…

  5. Shooting Mini Game
    1.I loved the models but the gameplay so far is not really outstanding but it’s in pre-alpha can I really complain
    2:Nothing about the guns need to change just needs a reloading and small magazine size
    3. Like Mr.Robinson “I Wanna Dance” (Basically move)
    1. Eww.
    Sex Scene
    1.It’s there wanna see Pattie get fucked three dudes it’s there what else can I say it’s porn.
    I honestly can’t say much but my wish list is Classroom Cheater like Breast exposing walking around with Cuu– Droooo— Milk on me Sweating don’t force me to take a shower it’s my body I can do what i want with it. staying up all night long?Also I swear to god if Chris Mayoiku fights me on the way home I ripping of someones balls.Also weather changing? warming myself up? Snowballs? or Rocks thrown at Chris? Just a simple wish list. Chris Dying? (I know that would not work)

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Moving will be on offensive minigames. i will make another post about it. The sex scene is just to test lag at the moment. I need to try to work out lag issues.

      In previous posts I described the overall premise of the game.

      1. Oh, that’s so, it’s still good.
        You did a great job. I still chose to download and collect this game.

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