September 23, 2023

9 thoughts on “MMD: Me Myself and I+

  1. Is it just me that has been having problems loading the videos lately? Even the older ones are having trouble. I’m not sure what causes it but so far this is the only site doing that. If anybody else is having that issue please do tell.

  2. LOTS of improvement from the original. And so shiny! You really do like using that dress, don’t you? I love the skirt part of it but it still feels janky around her breasts from all the physics. But she’s still lovely all around. 🙂

    Also, for some reason, I was a little put off by the way her lips moved with the words but I didn’t know why. The second singing part I understood–she looks just a little out of sync with the music and we really aren’t meant to be focusing on her mouth at that angle–but for the first part, I wasn’t sure. Then I mouthed the words myself. I think her mouth is opening up more than it probably would, at least during the “oo” sounds. It’d be more like a kissy-face during the “oo” sounds.

    Ack! I’m being overly critical! I’m just trying to help. Everything else is great!

    1. Many thanks~! Yeah it just takes a little bit to models clothes around all the crazy proportions and physics (especially zytra) and I haven’t had much time to tweak other outfits yet. Yeah I noticed the mouth also but didn’t bother to tone it down a bit. the mouth movemen’t was done by another person I only added the body movement.

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