September 3, 2023

11 thoughts on “Maiko x Carl animation wip

        1. this added content is a few (whatever amount of time) after the store opens. and overlaps UMCH a bit since Maiko did join the cafe until UMCH.

  1. Let’s say you were to add this to sentoryu… how would the two meet? would it be another interview with maiko like the other girls and we just don’t see in UMCH? or is carl going to be a customer realizing that there’s a new girl working and wants to check it out? Or is it something different?

    1. It just like in UMCH. so a little while later after the cafe opens. Holly is running the cafe at this point and doesn’t do interviews. Maiko will see Carl as a special client. referencing UMCH when you only have 1 p.client left. It is also why this animation is a similar boob job.

    1. Not that I know. On top of it being 100+ separate .swf files, I made the game ins flash actionscript2 (as2) and there is also no way I know of to export as2 to any mobile format or even as3.

      I would need to re-code the whole game in something that can export to html5.

      puffin browser can run the separate chapters though.

  2. Is Miko x Carl going to be a two-part animation? like the ones you did with alma, stacy and holly’s animations

    1. it will be one like leyah, pattie, jeni and dizzy. There are other animations being added though. will post those videos soon.

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