September 4, 2023

18 thoughts on “Umichan Art updates (Deliah)

    1. She makes several appearances in UMCH in various locations. Including a sex scene that can the found randomly in the socialize dialogue scenes. Since Sentoryu is about how the cafe was set up. I wanted to have her in there also since was technically there even before Maiko.

  1. Why do you need to make her older looking when you can literally have sex with little boys that look younger then she does?

  2. There’s a difference between young and small. She’s the same age, give or take a few months, as Maiko. She’s just incredibly short. I like the new look, though. If it could be combined with her former height it would be perfect.

    I’m really gonna have to play Sentoryu now, whenever i have the time.

    1. Small is too much of a risk in the current patreon climate. I don’t want the character fall in a gray area or have a debatable and/or questionable looking age.

      1. That’s understandable. On your part i mean. I just don’t agree with THEM on that. It’s like saying an adult should be forbidden from doing certain things because she looks younger than she is. I have a couple friends who look like they’re still teenagers when they’re actual adults, and they have troubles because of that.

    1. I try to have ttrop tone them down a bit whenever it seems a bit much. He is used to drawing muscular characters. yeah definitely can be reduced some here.

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