Updates and Production Schedule 2019

I wanted to give some updates on where I am at relative to a post I made on a topic towards the latter part of 2018.

Updates and Production Schedule

My goals for this year are to make significant developments in and/or finish the following games:

  • UMAA
  • 2D ARIA space battle
  • Arielle 3D
  • Female Rivalries VN

towards the end of last year I had a “games ready for production” list which included:

  • Yui Game
  • Umichan Sorani
  • Daughter of Eve VN
  • ARIA Jailbreak (Remake)

All but the Jailbrak remake was completed. I will try to complete that this month to be able to complete that list of items.

I also had a section for “animation quality improvement” which turned out to be nightmare that had the animations scrolling sideways. I managed to get this fixed before the year was out but it took up tons of time.

So my palette for VN games is mostly clear. Which is why I added the single Female Rivalries VN game in addition to the other 3. That game will be similar to Umichan Sorani but players will play as Maiko who will set out to prove she is more than a nice pair of boobs. More details on that in a separate post. All 4 of these games will fairly substantial games. I plan to post several kinds of media on the side such as 2D animation loops, character art, and MMD images and videos.