So what’s next?

I think there will be one more Umichan game I will need to make with Tyranobuilder before I shelf it. This game will use the remainder and likely a little more of what I couldn’t seem to add into High Stakes due to the engine kinda threatening it’s break point.

Maiko x Kyle, Maiko x Greel, Maiko x Joiry (from that test animation), Luma x Joiry, Maiko x Albert, Maiko x Chester, Maiko x Pattie grope stuff, Holly stuff and more.

So it’s a lot of Maiko stuff. So I figured this would be a good opportunity to make a quick “origin game”. This would be a game that can give people a foundation to start from, similar to UMCH. Especially since i’m not even sure anything with flash will be functional later on.

The main reason for using tyranobuilder again is because this game will be a foundation to the other VN games so i wanted them all to have the same consistency and format at least.

Saying this game will be a “origin” point means it will need to cover important events from UMCH. This doesn’t mean I will retell them the same way though. In fact they likely will be very summarized but get the same points across, that this person is a asshole, this person is acts like this, this person does that, etc.

I just want to make sure than among the VN games. people can generally get a starting point when going to the other games like Sentoryu, and Sorani, etc.

these foundations are (but not limited to)

  • Maiko gets the hairpin
  • Maiko proves herself to Luma that she is capable.
  • the Zytra and Ace, Ace kidnaps Leyah in some way
  • Savori and Albert tension leading to the events in The Rookie
  • Maiko needs to set up Tsugo with Zytra,Joey or none.
  • Maiko needs to learn how to fight, think, and generally develop various skills.

I may be missing some also.

The main issue with reworking Umchan in a less capable, more compact story in VN format, is that UMCH was heavily based on free roaming and completing minigames. But tons of minigames are not really going to work with this VN engine. It’ not really built for it.

Also UMCH originally took place in a school and I need to just remove the school completely to be safe for a steam release.

So this game’s main focus, just like it was in UMCH will be for Maiko to prove herself to Luma. Except in this case it will be Maiko getting a higher entrance exam score than Luma did for admission into the sentinel operator academy.  The sentinel operator academy is the game i have planed after this that will play less like a VN and more like how UMCH did.

I plan to have this game similar to Umichan Sorani where it will be different activities Maiko can do in any order around the Mall, her house, and possibly a park. And doing those will dictate if Maiko gets a higher entrance score than Luma did or or not when she applied.

Also similar to Sorani at least one option will short-cut Maiko straight to the end. While other options take longer but explores the story and characters more.

Similar to UMCH, Maiko will bump into Luma at the start. It might be Luma and Peach instead of Joiry though. However in this game, Maiko will be on her way to work at the cafe instead of class at Nanako.

Alma will already be at the cafe to be there for Maiko first day of work here. She will cheer Maiko up, giver her the plan, and go from there.

My idea for the activities:

the cafe sex stuff will have the pattern match minigame from Futa Fantasy. but also a normal match minigame to earn money. Or maybe no minigame at all just a normal way with no patterns stuff but you get less money. This is important since i plan to have the Greel scenes unlock by having no sex. Maiko can also do these a certain number of times before being tired. Maiko can increase this endurance in the fitness area. The final test will have a fee to take it so Maiko will need to acquire money.

Maiko will need to just generally study the Sentinel material for the test. She will need to get a book from Albert’s store. It will cost money, she can pay for it with money she gets from the cafe. She can go the sleezy route and get the book that way also saving Savori from some stress.

Umichan High Stakes actually had a functional combat system that I want to take more advantage of here. Maiko can fight characters until she gets to Jeni and can beat Jeni a few times in a row. Similar to UMCH maiko can have “special training” from David and Joiry. Each fight also boost Maiko’s endurance to a cap so she can to do more in the cafe.

Zytra arguing with Joey will likely be in the hallway after being introduced to Joey and Zytra separately. Tsugo will leave with just Maiko, and Maiko can determine what he does.

Maiko can get food and boosts in the grocery store area. she can buy them, or free by the sex route with Chester.

Tom will be in the bar as a shortcut. If you do his scene no matter what you will pass the test at the end.

Kyle will shortcut the study process a lot of you do his sex scene. he took the test before and swiped a copy of it which makes it easy to study for. you wont need to book or need to study.

I’ll probably have it where at the end before Maiko takes the test, Leyah will be missing and you will need to find her. Maiko will eventually learn she got kidnapped. There will be a rescue scene to get leyah out. I might have a few different way Maiko gets through the scene similar to high stakes. It might be based on some of the choices you made in the game. After that the ending scenes will play where maiko did or didn’t pass the test, etc.

Similar to UMCH there will also be a line at the cafe and maiko can decide how to handle it.

That’s about it. I’m trying to finish all that this month lol. We’ll see how far i can get.

Feel free to ask any questions here.