January 1, 2024

48 thoughts on “So what’s next?

    1. Yeah i eventually want to have a game that is mostly or all just about Jeni. There are some ideas in the discord about what that story would be about.

    1. I actually have pretty cool remi and maiko art created for a sex scene the 3D Arielle game. but I can’t seem to find enough time to work on that game in the capacity it needs.

  1. Kinda off-topic , but Will be more mmd stuff? Your work is awesome ! I was amazed with the sexy twerk of maiko !

  2. Is this retelling of the Classroom Havoc story going to be the new canon? Or will references to past events be vague enough that either/or could be taken as canon? (I hope it’s the latter. I still get enjoyment out of Classroom Havoc. And I like the old Nanako uniforms. They’re cute.)

    On another note, I think that, regardless of whether the school setting is abandoned or not, you are probably gonna have to look into having a censored release on Steam, with a separate downloadable patch to restore the sexy stuff. I can’t think of a single game on Steam that hasn’t had to do that. (For the record, Koikatsu? That game I mentioned on the other comment thread that prompted a lot of debate? It DID have to have a lot of content cut in order to be released on Steam. Illusion does have a free patch available on their website to restore said content, but the point still stands.)

    1. This game doesn’t take place at all in Nanako so it won’t effect anything there. However i did plan to change Nanako around eventually in a different game.

      Ideally, the game described in this post or UMCH can be taken as canon since the main plot points will be different extremes of the same thing. And any major differences between the two will be non essential to understanding the overall story here.

      For example the Joey/Zytra dispute will be decided a lot quicker than in UMCH. Tom obviously wont be in a classroom with a test for Maiko to take, but he will still change her test scores for her entrance exam if she has sex with him when she encounters him. Instead of training in the boxing club with Jeni, Maiko trains in the fitness center with Jeni, the major point is she trains with Jeni and slowly becomes her friend through getting on even level with her combat wise. Cain still guards Lynn closely but obviously in different locations than UMCH. I doubt i’ll have the David scene with Dizzy nighttime scene here at all here since you can understand the relation between them in Sentoryu. I doubt i’ll have the flashback of Zytra and Ace here because you can see that happen when you play as Zytra in Sorani. Stuff like that.

      The idea with this game is just to give people who haven’t played UMCH something to work with and be able to quickly understand the major plot points.

      About steam I was advised by a someone already doing very well on steam in the adult/hentai space to make the game Adult Only and keep everything in the game without requiring an external patches to add stuff back in. Actually two people that I think about it. Apparently people prefer all the content the game from the start without dealing with patches. If i have to take something out and edit it back in with a patch or just leave it out completely. i’ll cross that bridge when i get to it. But ideally i’ll have it correct from the start.

      Steam recently(‘ish) clarified some reasons they will ban a adult game, Or rather not approve it until it’s within this criteria.

      But I’ll likely post Daughter of Eve first which shouldn’t even come close to any problems like that.

      I remember the discussion about Koikatsu but not the specific details of any points raised. and i can’t find that discussion in the search bar here to refresh my memory, really sorry XD maybe you have a link?

      1. The “Reimagining Nanako” article you linked to is the one with the arguing about Koikatsu.

        Steam’s standards still rub me the wrong way. (Though I’m personally in the camp of people who think “It’s fiction! Who cares?”) That “visual representation” thing brings up cringeworthy memories of dumbasses on Tumblr who say “child-coded/teen-coded” to justify bashing on people who like certain media and ships. Not to mention I know from experience that if a character LOOKS like they MIGHT be under 18, people watching will refuse to believe you if you say they are 18. (Although that reminds me, did you ever consider a “All characters are 18 or over” disclaimer? That probably wouldn’t be enough considering what I just said, but hey, it’s worth a shot.)

        … Eh, I should probably lighten up. I’m not a game developer, so I should respect your decisions. (I’ll probably enjoy the result regardless.) And I also have better things to do with my time than rant about things I don’t like.

        1. I hear you, but I’m not trying to tell them what I should be able to upload to their platform.

          And getting my games on every platform, including on steam is important. Ideally, the money generated will help me pay artists and assistants more, get an animator i need. be able to pay for fulltime writing, and more. I wear way too many hats at the moment.

          i’m more interested in what they define as “a reasonable person” because said person could look at character’s like Leyah or Dizzy and see a minor depending on how “reasonable” the person is.

          Also I talked to a person who had steam tell them to add a “all character are over 18” disclaimers to on of the games they were getting reviewed. So if i need it i’m sure they will tell me in the review process. I don’t want to have it if i don’t need it though. The “narrative” and “setting” should be enough.

    1. Won’t be any in this game. However I’m working on a solution for me to be able to make content that is more targeted towards specific interests.

    1. I’m not sure when. but the format might be a standalone miniscene based on the story in sentoryu, or an addition to sentoryu. I have one more animation of her to finish animating but i’d like to finish the game discussed in this post as priority.

    1. I have some in the works, but lesbian stuff will always be kind of rare for me tbh. it also doesn’t seem to win on patreon voting often.

    1. Not in this game, the idea is just to make a quick game that can hit all the major points from UMCH. I’ll do more Alma stuff in other content.

  3. I love Holly mong phiên bản tiếp theo sẽ có thêm nhiều cảnh sex của holly cho mình hỏi phiên bản mới của game umichan nào vậy?

  4. If this is what awaits me at the end of No Nut November, I will do my best to persevere. Seriously, this is a worthy goal. For the glory of SVP!

  5. I love AIma hy vọng trong phiên bản tiếp theo sẽ có thêm nhiều cảnh sex của AIma nhiều hơn Fan AIma I so love AIma

    I love AIma hope the next version will have more sex scenes of AIma than Fan AIma

    1. There is a lot of Alma scenes in High Stakes. If you like Alma You should try that game. I also plan to have smaller content that will focus on specific characters such as Alma and others.

      1. Cô bạn Alma không được yêu thích hay sao mà tất cả game của umichan tôi không thấy có game nào có nhiều cảnh sex của Alma nhưng tôi rất thích cô ấy nên mong trong phiên bản tiếp theo sẽ có nhiều cảnh sex của Alma nếu có tôi sẽ chơi game đó suốt đời và ủng hộ cho web nhiều hơn 👍

        1. My reply is the same. It sounds like you just want Alma animations and don’t really care about the story of the game. I will have content suited for that later.

    1. Rinoga wasn’t in UMCH, but it’s safe to expect more from her later. Either as standalone animations or in some other game.

    1. looking to be done this month, just have to summarize the tsugo/zytra/joey dilemma and add several scenes that I already have written out.

    1. I have a few more dialogue scenes to add and get the game bug and grammar tested then i will post it.

    1. Can expect this month when i get back to regular posts. there’s a few more dialogue scene i need to add the plug a few holes in the story. then it’ll be ready.

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