January 2, 2024

ARIA: Jailbreak

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Direct browser link:
Direct link should work if you don’t have iframes in your browser or are on a mobile device.

DOWNLOADS offline:
remember you need to unzip this first

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This game 4 different endings. 2 of which contain hentai animations~!
This is a very VN small game that bridges the Amp prologue story with ARIA. It shows how Amp escaped GemCo after being captured.

Amp prologue: http://spiralvortexplay.com/svp/aria-amplitude-story-full-v2-1/
ARIA: http://spiralvortexplay.com/svp/flash/advanced-rogue-intelligence-assault-aria/

36 thoughts on “ARIA: Jailbreak

  1. Almost reminds me of the scene from my HVN im working on based on reading the concept and title / imagery. ^ ^

  2. Short VN to explain how she escape, well I ask how the battle system could be in VN. As I expect it a turn base. Can’t wait to see DoE’, JLCK in VN.

    1. Hopefully DoE will be done today or tomorrow. I’m simplifying it a bit and trying to keep it short like this. Make it easy to catch up on lore.

  3. updated this game
    has updated battle system and 4 different endings, 2 of which contain hentai animations.
    the game is designed to be fairly small. it is basically finished outside of some bug testing and grammar corrections.
    please let me know if you find any issues.

  4. got ending 1 2 and 3 cant seam to fiend 4 tho btw the fight vs hex agent is a bit random you need to deal 58 damage or above to beat it + you need to use your medkit when your at 15 hp and you sometimes deal 52-55 damage. The way to get more damage is to save before the figth and load untill you deal 58 damage oh and endings
    Defeted 1.just loose a fight (no H sceen)
    Captured 2.pick “pretend to be a clone” for both sceens (H sceen)
    Hunted 3.fight the first agent beat him then pretend to be a clone on the hex agent (no H sceen but a need pose from the clone)

    1. thanks for the feedback. the first encounter with the hex agent is designed to be skipped because is Amp is not ready. yo the chance to fight him again after getting more MedKits making the fight less random. once you have about 3 you should be fine no matter what damage Amp is doing. The 2nd time she will also always begin with full health. i will make sure the 4th ending is working.

      1. so i beat the game in a way i was not ment to? lel btw thx for the reply and keep up the good work just wish you had some more people to work with thad woud help with your projects

    2. updated the game, all endings should be working now. I made Amp auto skip the first encounter with the hex agent. 4th ending is unlocked from beating him before escaping.

  5. It’s got some serious lag both in application mode, and browser mode. On subsequent playthroughs the clone has 0 hitpoints. Might be a bug.
    Additionally, this might be a limitation of the program, or maybe the combat is happening simultaneously, but if you deal lethal damage (deal enough damage to bring an enemies hitpoints to 0, they’ll still attack you and deal damage. Not a super big deal, but it prolongs each fight that much longer.
    Lastly- you can run to any fights? Whats the point of the run button xD

    1. 0 hp is me being lazy i need to fix it. you can run from the guys you need to fight to get med kits. at the start of battle lag is likely just tyranobuilder running tyranoscript commands at 12 fps.if i knew javascript I’m sure it would be faster. it seems like i need to learn that aat some point to be proficient with html stuff.

  6. Now that you auto skip the first encounter with the Hex Agent, there is no way to get the second ending.

    1. I just checked and all endings have a path to them. fighting the agent in the first encounter was never intended for the player to be able to win anyway. skipping it doesn’t break any of the other routes.

  7. offline application not working…whenever i open the jailbreak.exe file nothing happens same thing when i run it in admin mode…
    the same problem occurred with the aria top-down game..

          1. @blackmaster

            sorry for the extreme delay. Yes it worked in windows 10. however when I first tried to run i got a pop-up from system protect or something saying the game .exe file was blocked because it was from a unknown publisher. you have to press run anyway.

  8. This looks interesting. I’ve got nothing else to do tonight so might as well try it and check out other contents of this site. My first time here and I can say that this is kind of an interesting site. I’m glad I found it.

    1. Thanks a lot of the complete games here are a bit dated but have my head screwed on straight I think so will have nice stuff coming soon.

  9. I thought it would be a longer game and that there could be a kind of “Total Recall” ending, where the ending is that the clone is the real ARIA but brainwashed in to believed she is a clon and the ARIA whe play we find out is actually a clone, who had ARIAs memory transferred over to her. That could have been an interesting ending.

  10. You can no longer get Ending 3. Choices at the beginning are all irrelevant since you literally cant lose the fights. Escape before/after killing hex agent gives 2 endings. defeat gives the other. There are no other options. Unless there is an end to the amount of henchmen that show up.

    1. Not that I’m aware of. but basically:
      -avoid both agent fights and leave
      -beat only the first agent and leave
      -beat first agent and hex agent and leave
      -and lose a fight before you are able to leave

  11. Is there a game that shows the guy getting framed or not? Since I as a fellow player of your games would want to play it.

    1. which guy are you referring to? There are other games with Harold and Albert but they don’t plan prominent roles. It looks like you have seen them. Rookie, Arielle side story, and Natan is one of the teachers in UMCH. There may be more stuff I’m not thinking of right now.

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