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Umichan Art updates (David pt.2)

please post thoughts took in considerations though they were not exactly specific. From what I can tell the body seems to be…

no image

New art for new games

So you might have noticed that there is new character art being created, but wondering what is for. I had a person…

Umichan Art updates (David)

please post thoughts

Umichan Art updates (Jeni pt.3)

After reading feedback from the previous two posts of Jeni. I took it upon myself to edit Jeni’s face and bit of…

Umichan Art updates (Holly)

Please post thoughts thanks

Umichan Art updates (Jeni pt.2)

please post thoughts edited previous

ARIA: Jailbreak

now has hentai animations and 4 different endings!

ARIA top-down game

At the start of the month I mentioned I was dabbling around witha mmo kit trying to make a aria game. ARIA…

small UMCH updates

aside from additional dialogue scenes, adding some sleep pics and more sex animations are being worked on also. The bottom group pic…

Guy nipples? Feedback requested

behind the scenes new art is being made for upcoming games. New games allow ttrop to use the more recent art style…

Jailbreak art update

Going to be finishing the Jailbreak VN story by replacing the old art with new art, and adding in at least two…

umichan 360 adventure app test

learned about a product called pano2vr and tried to make some umichan stuff with it. It didn’t turn out as well as…

UMCH v19

update to v19

Daughter of Eve VN

A small demo of the DoE game I have been working on.

ARIA online game brainstorming

From time to time I will dabble in Unity3D, or other 3D stuf. About a week or two ago I picked up…

HS testing out recordings

more testing. kinda crappy but figured I might as well post it. on all three of these I forgot to turn up…

HS: Lips Are Moving

  Testing mmd motions in honey select. But the studio where you can run mmd motions is actuality kind of trash heh….

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