New art for new games

So you might have noticed that there is new character art being created, but wondering what is for. I had a person post on one of the updated art posts if the new art would be in UMCH, or ever be in UMCH. No, the new art is not planned to ever replace UMCH art. UMCH art will remain as it is currently.

The new art is for new and smaller games that have perhaps 1 to 4 hours playtime depending on the game, on average I’d say about 2-3. These games would about specific stuff in Umichan and also ARIA and other stuff and really focus in on it. With the new games I wanted to eliminate some of the issues I feel or have realized is a problem in UMCH.

Also I do realize people may or not agree with me that these are even issues. if in the event that you don’t agree, i will list them so they can be reference in a counter argument. Theses are also not in any specific order.

1. The game is trying to do too much
Most games I see doing fairly well online basically do one or two things and stick with that. There is a lot of different minigames in UMCH. and instead of trying to add more I feel like I need to focus on the one people kinda like and build a games based around that. Same for the storylines, a lot of the side quests in UMCH are VN length and I feel could be delivered better in separate games dedicated to that specific story.

2. some minigames too hard to figure out or not used much, if at all.
It’s probably cool to run into a new minigame at first and check it out. but some of them are only needed to be played once to progress. I’m taking a educated guess that the mingames people find fun are… in fact I will have a poll for it! I’m some of them will be low. The high one will be the ones I need to focus on basically.

3. Wtf do I next?
I get a lot of questions about where to go next what to do. I think eventually a lot of people find the cafe and kind of hang in there for a while and don’t really find what else the game has to offer. That or just look at the walkthrough for ways to unlock the hentai. I don’t want any confusion as where to go or what to to unlock hentai. I want to have it where you just play the game and you will eventually get to all of it. and if miss it on a particular playthrough it is fairly obvious how to find it. Unless it is a certain character like Lynn.

4. game size too big
The game kind of too big for me to really market in ways I would like to. can’t really post it to sites that can run it in a browser etc. Also I would liek to my games to be mobile friendly. 600+ Mb mobile game is a bit much not to mention to need a specific web browser to play it on mobile when if you want to try. Bandwidth would be crazy also if multiple people are trying to play on the game page.

5. What’s new, and just do that.
When I post a game update it’s not really a new experience. it is just about trying to figure out what is new and just go do that. I doubt much of anyone actually starts the game over and see how it all works in a new experience. Since he only cover is what is new and just do that I feel like I might as well have whole fresh new experiences a lot more often through smaller games as opposed to just adding more onto something already massive.

6. The reference game
UMCH, I’d even dare to say UMCC, was designed to be the reference for Umichan characters. Everything thing in the game needs to be exactly how they would act and what they would and would not do. So adding new stuff is bit limiting on what I can do. I would like for UMCH to remain essentially be the bible or get a idea about how a particular character is. With different game i can have a bit more freedom to do different stuff and focus on different things. The umichan text game is one example of that. But also smaller VN’ish type games is what I had in mind, minus it being too much of a picture book.

I have been going over ideas in my head and I think making some games the address these issues would be good. Wilson has actually been learning tyranobuilder, and VN game making software I have made some games with here such as the Rookie, Jailbreak, and DoE. The little small Umichan VN test game made was really nice, a breath of fresh air even, and gave me small glimpse into what I had planned to do and I think it will be fun and worth doing.

I planned to make some examples soon and you can see if you like them or not.