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UMCH Lite Engine (prototype 4)

this post redirects to the UMCH Lite prototype page.

New Character Casual Clothing!

Vortex00 and ttrop have been working the past days on designing the casual clothes for some characters! Here are some previews~ So,…

Stacy x Carl animation wip

  had a bit of trouble with this one

Gym Characters

these are characters in the Jeni game that are members of the gym Holly works at. I need to find a nice…

Pattie animation video

pattie cake there’s still a few errors I need to fix with the pattie riding animation

Leyah animation video

Leyah riding pose for UMCH. the voice volume is low but I explained what I was I was shooting for in the…

no image

Maiko Umiya drawn by KenOhSama

I won the KenOS monthly patreon raffle where you can have you character draw in any position you want. So naturally I…

no image

Maiko Hentai Images

Some images of Maiko I drew a while back but I don’t think I posted.