January 1, 2024

45 thoughts on “New Character Casual Clothing!

  1. Amber:
    I prefer the bigger flowers and better top fit of the original but they are nitpicks. The pink on the sleeves are a nice addition.

    It works and matches her well. Not much to say.

    I like it overall. Matches her well. But I don’t like the belt or large buckle.

    I like the shirt and pants combination for both style and color. But I don’t like the big black buttons on shirt.

    I like the shirt for both style and color. The shorts work with it.

    I like the color combination and how it is the same to Leyah. Maybe favorite one here.

    It works. But I don’t like the big black buttons on blazer.

    Good combination. But the blue shirt looks small on him. Smaller than it appears in the original. Only a nitpick.

    I like it. Not much to say.

    It works. Matches him well. Not much to say.

  2. Overall i like all, Silver above pretty much summed up my thoughts except personally I think Jeni should have a slightly darker color scheme according to her personality (beige or light orange on the blouse and some shade of violet on the pants maybe?), also slightly tone down the trasparency for Alma dont get me wrong I love it but it doesnt look “casual” to me

    1. I wanted to stick with bright colors in most cases. Maiko eventually rub off on Jeni more and more and she starts wearing some pinks and fun colors. Yeah Alma’s outfit is actually not a casual outfit.

  3. Amber: Damn, but she looks sexy with that top!!! I can totally see her try to go out wearing something like that… but the way i understand her, the second someone looks like they’re interested, she’d throw on something to raise that neckline a little, no? Still, me likey.

    Alma: Aside from the big hole at breast level, and the fact the cloth is see-through, i don’t see a problem with it. Mind you, i don’t even see a problem with these, it’s just i didn’t expect HER to wear things like that.

    Luma: That works and is even in a color scheme that works for her.

    Jeni: Girly yet tough. That fits.

    Deliah: It’s short, and shows she doesn’t wear a bra. And while it’s not a color scheme she would wear if she thinks about it, with her tendency to just throw on clothes without looking at color combination, it still works. The only part i have a problem with is, she would undo the shorts’ button and fly.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, with Deliah, it seems like the shorts would fall of if she walked anywhere with them totally open like that. Also you might consider the effects other characters in the game have on her.

      1. The effects other characters have on her? Or the effects she has on other characters? The “risk” of losing the shorts (and flashing everyone in the process) is a bonus, as far as she’s concerned. She’d get a thrill from “accidentally” showing anyone her bits, would hope it stimulates Amber’s imagination, get amused at Riley’s attempts to stop her, probably ignore Dizzy’s fairy talk, get real excited at both guys and girls wanting to hit on her… and get happy at the prospect of easy money from any she dubs a douchebag (David and the rich guy from the Zytra quest), because the only way THEY’d get to feel her up would be by emptying their wallet.

        Or an unconvincing “oops” if she lost the shorts in front of authorities.

    1. All appear in UMCH at least, and using a older art style. Minus the guy in the blue shirt and the guy with long purple hair. They are not in any games yet.

  4. Good!

    If you have 2 or 3 different types of clothes for each character (at least the main ones) that will improve the game with another positive detail.

  5. Hey Vortex, Just wanted to ask If u Will introduce more characters, cause i’ve been dreaming with Asugi’s mom, he mention her in some talks with Zytra in UMCH, and I’ve been thinking what kinda person she is.
    I’ve pictured her as a very “giving” mom, who’d do and give everything her son ask.

    I dont know If this os the right place for this, but It would be nice to know.

    Thank you for your time!

    1. Thanks yeah very likely a lady that appears and is actually super rich. Idk about “giving” in quotes like that though heh.

  6. Not bad, like the variety.
    I always considered school uniforms as a lazy way to do clothes design. And clothing add to personality and characterization.

  7. Wow! O_O Who is the Hottie with the Long Blue Hair? (ᵔᴥᵔ) He is Super Hot! :3 Is he a New Character? Did he appear in any games before? :3 Is there Hentai Scenes for him? :3

        1. Ah yes I did make that post before. Due to some shenanigans I don’t remember his hair got changed along the way.

          1. Well he is Delicious! Good Job on him! (ᵔᴥᵔ) :3 What gave you the Idea to create such a Magnificent Character? <3 (ᵔᴥᵔ)

  8. I am new here but are the games not going to be uploaded every month? Or am i wrong?
    Btw Keep up the good work i like it so far!!!!

  9. I meant the ones that are playable on this Site i already looked for patreon but i dont hav an Credit card or bank card to pay it there neither i have Paypal.

    1. For now it is just on patreon since with those supporters I can’t do any of this. I am working my way towards being able to do that here on spiralvortexplay also.

        1. There will be plenty of free games and content here as usual.
          But if you want to follow monthly updates for unfinished games, I ask the people join the patreon because it is not sustainable for me to make a free game every month. However other content like animations and MMD videos will be free to view here regularly.

    1. yep downloads and game updates this month for sure. Been just working behind the scenes for a while. Doing some server updates on the back end first, then I need to update Jailbreak. I will have stuff available after that.

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