Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc Walkthrough

updated for version v16

[1] About this game
[2] Basic game controls
[3] Unlocking hentai
[4] Affluently Ineffective (v12+)
[5] Savor the Moment (v15+)

[1] About this game
This game is a 2D first person hentai game where players play as the busty pig tailed Maiko Umiya. During the game, while living her normal life, Maiko unknowingly trains herself to survive a fight that previously killed her in the future according to some mysterious time travelers. This game is not meant to be super serious or realistic. A lot of things in the game are intentionally comical or exaggerated.


[2] Basic game controls
This game is designed to be played with a mouse and keyboard.

each activity Maiko does consumes a task. The day is divided into 8 tasks. After all the tasks for the day are depleted Maiko will need to sleep. You can check hoe many tasks are remaining in the current day on Maiko’s tablet, by pressing Q and viewing the circle top right corner. You can also see the physical number when clicking the status icon.

During the game, Maiko will gain stress from activities and encounters that can prevent her from doing certain activities. Discover several ways in the game to loose stress. some ways are showering and eating.

[3] Unlocking Hentai

Pleasure Service scenes
Rewards: Money, Sex Experience
To view hentai pleasure service scenes and hentai minigames in the cafe, Maiko (the player) will need to first get Pleasure Clients (P. Clients) from working at the cafe. Maiko can work at the cafe by pressing coffee cup symbol in the cafe. Please view in in game cafe minigame tutorial by pressing Q on the keyboard and clicking the tutorial icon, the Cafe Tutorial.


Maiko will not be able to get pleasure clients from the minigame until the cafe is at lvl 2. Win the cafe minigame to level up the cafe. You can see when the cafe reaches lvl 2 on Maiko’s tablet by pressing Q then the Cafe icon.


After reaching lvl 2 cafe, Maiko can begin to gain pleasure clients for the day. During the minigame after getting a correct match there is a chance a prompt will pop up saying “Looks like someone is eager to chat!”. You can then press the send friend button to flirt with customers. When the friend gets back Maiko will have gained a pleasure client. The friend takes 2 match attempts to get back. so if you want yo can miss on purpose to make sure your friend gets back before completing the minigame. If you friend done not get back before the minigame completes you will lose that client. You can send the friend to flirt multiple times in one minigame session. You can track how many clients Maiko has on her tablet, by pressing Q then the Cafe icon.


After Maiko has clients, she or her active friend standing in view can do the pleasure service minigame. Each minigame removes 1 client. When Maiko sleeps the number of pleasure clients rests to zero so you need to perform the pleasure service the same day you get them.

Please view the in game tutorial to learn how to play the pleasure service minigame.

Special Pleasure Service scenes
To view the special service scene for each girl working at the cafe, that girl need to have over 100 Sex Experience and perform the Pleasure Service with only one client remaining.

Socialize Pleasure Service scenes
There is a chance with entering the cafe the socialize scene will induce a heart button. This leads to hentai animation related to the dialogue mentioned in the socialize scene.

Boxing Minigame scenes
Play the boxing minigame and level up to advanced. Maiko will be at advanced after she has 15 or more melee skill. You can view Maiko’s melee skill on her tablet by pressing Q the clicking the Status icon. Please view in the in game control prior to starting hr boxing minigame.

Maiko X David- Lose to David in boxing and click the check button
Jeni X David- Lose to David in boxing and click the X button
Maiko X Joriy – Beat Joiry in boxing (accepting this scene will prevent Maiko from seeing the Luma scene at the end of the Female Rivalries main quest.)

Maiko will probably need more than 15 melee to have easy time beating Joiry, so be sure to level her melee up by boxing advanced students, and her fitness by swimming.
If you are having trouble fighting be sure to use Maiko’s hairpin by pressing S on the keyboard.
David and Joriy both appear in the boxing club randomly when entering. So if they are not there then leave and re-enter. You can’t box them if Luma is present.

Guitar Minigame scene
The Guitar minigame is a timing minigame where Maiko needs to strum the notes at correct times, as indicated by the bar moving across the bottom of the screen over the notes.
Press down or spacebar as the bar touches the note. If you are having trouble be sure to use Maiko’s hairpin by pressing S on the keyboard. Begin the game by pressing the Loop1 or Full Song button.

Maiko X Greel – Have only Greel be present in the club room and click the dialogue bubble while having a score of 100% or more on Loop1 for Full Song version of the song.

Pool scene
Before Maiko can swim she will have to get a health checkup.

Maiko x Mika – Go to the pool and attempt to swim.

Classroom scene
Please view the chalkboard on the Tom minigame to learn how to complete the classroom minigame.

Maiko x Tom – Get less than all question checked on Toms test. You can quickly do this by entering the test and pressing the forward time button.

Sentinel Battle Minigame
Maiko tease – Lose a sentinel battle with no upgrades added to the sentinel.

Opening scenes

Sixxe x Annie – There are two animations between Sixxe and Annie in the opening scene in the game.

Female Rivalries scenes
all of these require Maiko get a gold medal in swimming, complete all tests, and beat Jeni in boxing. When requirements are met an additional dialogue popup will appear in the cafe.

Luma x Group – Select Luma during the cafe dialogue scene. ( Selecting this scene prevents the Maiko X Joriy boxing scene)
Holly x Group – Select Holly during the cafe dialogue scene

Nighttime Menace scene
Maiko X David – go to the park area at night (50% chance spawn) and lose the fight against David

Yuri scene
Maiko X Pattie – Maiko stress over 20 and eat food at the cafe. Agree to let Pattie follow Maiko. Pattie has H scenes added to Maiko’s room and alters the shower animation. Pattie will not be present if Riley is there.

Nurse Pleasure Service scenes
There is a chance with entering the cafe the socialize scene will induce a heart button. This leads to hentai animation related to the dialogue mentioned in the socialize scene.

Nurse Futa scene
Enter the Nurse office from the main school hallway and click the condom button.

[4] Affluently Ineffective
These steps describe the steps to complete the Affluently Ineffective quest.
(Maiko first needs to have over 15 in Melee stat to begin this quest)

1. go to the mall
2. go to the school
3. sleep for 2 days
4. go to the mall
5. sleep for 1 day
6. go to the mall
7. go to the cafe
8. go to the mall
9. go to girls locker room
10. sleep for 1 day
11. go to the mall
12. go to the classroom
13. go to the cafe
14. sleep 1 day
15. go to the cafe
16. go to the mall (from the park)
17. go to the mall *

* – this part may not be present based on your decisions.

[5] Savor the Moment
These steps describe the steps to complete the Savor the Moment quest.

1. go to school main hallway
2. enter photo club
(you can now optionally access Kyles photo collection on Maiko’s tablet)
3. go to book store at the mall
4. go back to photo club and click the dialogue button in the club
(note Maiko also gets 10k here. if you want to turn-off the pregnancy stuff it costs 7k in the nurse office)
5. sleep for 2 days, or do other stuff for 2 days
6. go to the locker room
(to quickly reduce stress here you can play with pattie and cum in Maiko’s room, later on you will not be able to continue any quests with stress over 20, Pattie will not be present if Riley is there.)
7. go back to photo club and click the dialogue button in the club
8. sleep for a day
9. go to the locker room
10. go back to photo club and click the dialogue button in the club
(here you chan make a choice we will chose replace savori then Report albert to see all the scenes, you can decide later but you need to decide within 2 days)

11. pick replace savori *
12. wait till night and go to the book store *
(you can pass time in Maiko’s room or by doing activities)

13. pick report albert
14. sleep for 2 days
15. exit from Maiko’s room
16. enter photo club
17. sleep 2 days
18. exit from Maiko’s room
(savori will get a letter from her dad signaling the end of the quest)

game over scene
11. pick decided later at any point*
12. wait 2 days *
13. exit from Maiko’s room *

* – these parts are optional and are not required to comple the quest.