ARIA updates

I worked a ARIA a bit today and I will probably a bit tomorrow. i wont work on it too much just yet, but I need a context switch for a bit. ARIA is coded much better and is so much smaller than UMCC. I think I can have like only 3 images of each of the 4 girls and 1 on jeo and be done with images. And I want to use VA audio in this also. And replayability is high because everything is for the most part randomized.

aria_wipBut basically I mentioned earlier that you play as Jeo. He starts off badass and strong. Well my idea is that for whatever the reason he is getting weaker with each battle as he makes his way back through space back to GemCo. Using him in battles makes him very much weaker afterwards, and not using his at all still makes him slightly weaker after every battle also. Either way he gets weaker consistently. The idea is to train the girls up to get strong so they can do the hard battles, or you can simply use the girls to keep Jeo strong. Or you can just train your favorite girl and use the others to keep Jeo strong when you need him for something. There will be multiple strategies you can do. Since this is a hentai science fiction game, there will be some excuse that results in Jeo only getting strong by having sex with the girls. Maybe you guys can think of a reason for this, because I have not thought of one yet heh.

Currently I am working on the mini campaign. Which is basically a quick customizable game. You can set the number of areas until you reach GemCo controlled space and a few other settings. Then you just play and level the characters as you go along. It is fast and fun because each play is different form the last one. All the scenes and minigames aside the nano war thing and the space shooter thing will be expedited in the mini campaign. I want to add some random events for this that happens after each battle. some random roll where something might happen. Like the girl you just used might get some kind of illness and cant fight for a few battles, or some of the mercenaries broke free stole some resources and fled the ship. Not all will be bad thoguh.

also girls needs to eat and sleep. they will get fatigue from battle and you will need to spend resources and turn those resources into food. There will be stations on the ship where you can make stuff like combat gear and food and create ship upgrades. For example a ship upgrade might be something that increases the max number of mercenaries you can have.

Each girl applies to a different station on the ship that uses resources to make something. One for ship upgrades, one for cooking, etc. If they are not not at their designated station then you can’t do that thing, you will need to find them and tell them to go back to their station (which has various effects on their mood).

some i think some of the items on the planning menu are. sleep, eat, back to station, sex, free, space battle, scrolling shooter mini.