Updates: March 03 2014

Time for some updates. I’m haven’t been posting literally anywhere. I have been really busy with a lot of things not related to working on games. But when I did have some time, it was committed to working on umcc mostly. I stopped monitoring other forums at the moment, I will check back later perhaps after this post.

Site updates:

I might have the old forums working decently for me know. I might post some TandA in text format there later. Also have some new MMD videos I need to post.

Project Updates:

I spent time redrawing the faces for umcc characters, but I don’t like them. When I got the the point where majority of people were liking the faces, I was not really felling it. Other regulars here were also not. the faces people want to see, is not something I want to do. So I’m going to leave it the way it is. Plus I would have to make unique faces for each character for the redraw to be truly successful. And I’m not really interested in doing that because it is too time consuming. And I don’t want to spend any more time and money hiring a artist them waiting months for the art to be completed or spending months doing it myself.  Basically, only 6 characters looked decent. Which is not even 1/3 of the students, much less every character in the game.

Characters that looked okay with face updates:

umcc_new_previews_good_lookThis is was Maiko with the face

Maiko_reference5Yes still like the left aside from the nose, which I changed.

So anyways, by not scrambling to redo the art, I got a few things done. but there is still some little details to get sorted out. I think I am done adding stuff though. at least for now because, now I can add stuff later without people loosing save data from running a newer file with more variables and stuff.


1-2This is a animation unlocked by doing Mr. Natan’ research quest. The characters are random. Basically Maiko will need to help him set up a camera network around the school with sentinels. Still need to make guy heads. In future updates, I want to have stuff like this play in the shower scenes if your relation is high enough.


3 Different room styles a player can have with Maiko. A fourth one is unlockable based on conditions.


Photo minigame stuff is merged into the game. I have just the same one from the video I did a while ago. I’ll add more later in possible updates.


Each teacher has their own office and a research request. Only Natan and Tom will have quests thoguh for now. Also and Mika I might add in later unless I can think of something worth unlocking that doesn’t take a long time. They will just say stuff for now though.


interactive animation. There is a now a way to skip all the of the testing and class stuff completely. I realized I didn’t have a way to bypass it.


save data can now be saved and copy/pasted to text file, and repasted into the game.This allows you to plays the game on different computers or browsers and still be able to use your same data. Also this allows to me update the game and add more stuff without worrying about people loosing data. The data can be easily manipulated but I don’t really care if people want to do that. Don’t expect me to tell you what number belongs to what stat thoguh. If/when I update this i can just have have a max value the game reads in.


studying now has a little book that comes up and tells you your current learning stats for class.


basically the only thing I changed in term of the art is the noses on students. The original ones are still on BG characters and store people.