January 2, 2024

14 thoughts on “Updates: March 03 2014

  1. 1 to 2: And by the look of these pictures Luma is cheating on her BF with Greel HA! Well Maiko is going to get to know people better. And be shock of how far the student go. LOL

    3 to 5: I see different animation for Maiko in her room. That is a good idea showing what activity she is doing in her room.

    6: This is going to be interesting the way you have this mini set up.

    7: I wonder what side quest might be for these. Since a lot of crazy shit be happening. LOL

    8: Would be a nice option.

    9 to 10: Cool and I love when there is a password system involve in the save status. Messing with numbers usually have odd interesting crazy things happening to the games.

    11: Now this is useful to see put in the game.

    12: By now it is whatever for me, didn’t even notice about the noses getting change. LOL

    Can’t wait to see the final product and can’t wait to see your next TandA recap of this experience you had.

    1. 9 to 10:
      yeah I plan to have to some extra you can add to the password alpha/numeric combination to change other stuff also. like making it always day time or night time, but that might be later. The fact that I even have this means I can have game updates without any real concern about lost save data.

  2. Wow dude! Those updates look awesome!
    I thought you would just add some stuff from the older version to this, but there are plenty of new stuff. I like the new hentai possibilities, being naked in the room and all, really nice. The new nose is this on patties pic? Looks good.
    The little things like the book for studying for school and showing the lvl of each class is nice too.
    I am sorry to hear the art is not going to be used after all the effort you put on them… But I still like the classic one though…
    Will Luma and Maiko have bigger boobs or you changed your mind?
    Just my two cents, I like big breasts, but the classics are enough 😛
    Well, I am really excited for its release, cant wait anymore bro XD

    1. Thanks, yes i just took the nose from the art changes I made and left everything else the same. I might change the front eyes very slightly just so everything matches.

      Maiko and Luma’s breasts are slightly larger but they are still fashioned in the old way. It probably will not even be noticeable.

      I wasn’t able to work on the game yesterday but I will today.

  3. Thanks Very much man, an awesome update and it’s great to hear how it’s going, Sorry to hear you didn’t like the new art style, I thought you did a great job, But I also love that this now lets you focus on the content and getting the game ready for release over re doing a lot of the older art. I can’t wait looking fantastic.

    1. The new style is not bad, I just don’t like it because it only applies to maybe 5 or 6 characters. Once I get around to it I will need to make probably at least 3 different faces. I have currently the “baby face”, then I would need a more normal and them a mature face for both girls and guys.

      Yeah it is more fun to add in stuff then to go back and redo stuff.

  4. The updates are looking great. Me personally I think that the artwork has always been good and you should focus on getting the game the way you want and not spending to much time making the artwork look like what other people wants it to look like.

    1. Yeah that is what threw me off. I just have to find my right audience. It will happen over time. It is a bit harder because the game is very different from normal, and is not easily understood. Nor can I easily describe it. you just simply have to play it. And maybe it is just me but wen playing the game the art becomes so irrelevant it isn’t even funny. or worth currently changing.

      1. Well you do have a market since right now in kickstarter you have 34 backers a total of $1,010 there is is still 12 days left to go. Putting it in KS to see what audience there is. I think was a good idea to see the type of consumers you have.

  5. Hi
    I was wondering when this game comes out and how much are you going to charge for it?

    Also I appreciate your efforts to make adult game. Not really that many out there in english. So thanks for that!

  6. If your old forums is getting activated, mind giving my account an activation so I can post? Same name there as here.

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