Site Updates May 18, 2014

time for some text wall, will try to keep it short.



Site updates:

all the comments for the site vps server has mentioned to use the money to put into the games so I have been doing just that. I wall add more goals when I get a good idea on what I need to do with patreon. But first I will need a good idea about what I plan to do long term.


I had been planning to make my own mmd models so I can not have to concern myself with retarded drama and goofy ass non-existent rules.

I was going to use this as a base for the MMD female models and then go from there to make the characters.

this is a different option

the heads on these are basically unusable because they are not “anime” enough. I would either have to find a royalty free anime head of make one myself. So just look at it terms of the body.The hardest part of any of this will be rigging in mmd and making facial expressions.

One person was asking about commissions for some yuri stuff related to mmd. Are people interested in this? I guess it would be similar to all the source film maker stuff. I could prioritize getting the base ready.


Project updates:

I just talked to a VA today on deviantArt? who was interested in doing some hentai VA. So whoever sent her my way thanks. who are you? lol. But anyways I sent her some example stuff.


I have also recently declared myself done with update version 3.


I have been working on ARIA but it is not finished. I don’t think it is playable either but I maybe be mistaken, I haven’t looked at it recent due to umcc stuff. More on that later.


no sure where Jo is at on implementing the fight system for the umcc sequel demo. But I have had to spend quite a lot of time on that just chatting about it. I even coded a bit of it to show as a example.


Product Updates: 

Nothing at the moment worth mentioning yet.