UMCC updates: Boxing mini


Been working on some technical issues in the code for how I planed to do umichan content.

I actually have a alpha people can try out to see it if works okay for you. basically download the file here,
download unzip it, and play the “umcc_area_map.swf” file. in that file you will should be able to click the little red’ish circle to load in the example area.

A lot of stuff is removed so I can start from a clean slate. The things that work in there is the tablet “Q” and her hairpin “S”

let me know what you think about it.

I plan to start with two areas first. one will contain the updated boxing minigame, while the other will contain the update pleasure service minigame. Some areas I will make later will have the old classic animations but with updated faces and such.

As I mentioned earlier each area will have its own objectives in it. I plan to have it where once you beat that objective. All the hentai in that area can then be freely played. The story will probably take place after the events of umcc so I can continue on in the story. The main objective would be to explain how Maiko eventually meets a girl named Gheist. There will also be various other things you would be familiar with that is going on.

Below are scenes from the boxing mini. I did plan to have it where Maiko can get different gloves but they will all be the same at the start. I wanted to position the body to where I can use the same head as in most of the rest of the game. Haven’t made the guy body yet. Perhaps Maiko can get stronger for boxing but either boxing or doing hand jobs.

umcc_boxing_preview_images2a rough idea of what the combat will look like.