Site Updates


Umichan stuff
going to hopefully be working on UMCH over the weekend providing nothing urgent comes up that would prevent me from doing so.
specifically I’m going to be working on making pics to go along with the current written dialogue.
Similar to that dialogue flash I made earlier. But hopefully It will be a bit more complete with areas to travel to etc.

I also wanted to recreate Umichan Dark Winter in MMD and add in a few more details. All I need to do is make Maiko in a winter outfit. It might not be exactly the same from the animation though. Should be fun. Not sure if I have it posted here, I will check and post it here if it isn’t.

site stuff
Got a reddit page almost up with help from @fixx420 who suggested earlier I should make one. There is nothing on it atm heh

I don’t do social media much, and I hardly know anything about reddit. I’ve never really been too concerned about how much traffic passes through here, I just like working on my various projects and stuff. but I will see what I can manage posting thee about my posts here. I guess that is how it works XD.

also have one more vortexplays to edit together. It is already recorded from a while back. And I need to find this song I got commissioned a long time ago and upload it and I might do some TandA. maybe.. probably not lol.

aria stuff
Pinoytoons is working on the two hentai scenes I had planned for a small spinoff game to ARIA. it goes into more detail about the time Amp spent being cloned in GemCo facilities. I plan to make it point and click shooter with elements of a puzzle click game also added.
He has Amp looking pretty sexy so it should be good.

mmd stuff
I’ll also possibly make short mmd videos here and there if find anything worth making.

aside from that I have been working on a random custom character, sort of reminds me of zytra heh. with her hair cut or something.
It is made from a different base type then what I use with Maiko and the others.
speaking of base types. I am also in process of getting a Maiko mmd model custom made from scratch.