January 3, 2024

2 thoughts on “VortexPlays: Dark Star

  1. The games animation is perfect better animated than the other hentai stuff out there. Even your animation this goes beyond. However by the looks of it, he focus on animation so much, he forgot the balance of the game. I think the game looks great to fix it all he needs to do is add the ability to run by tapping the direction you want to go twice. And when you jump it goes more forward than the walking. Also I notice there where health on the edge where you fall off. I think the ability to grab out of the edge to climb back up would of help get those health packs. But beware getting hit will knock you off the edge where you grab. If he added those stuff the game would of been perfect.

    It sure looks better than the rest of the platform shooters out there. Only with this it have the slow jump problem. Like I told my friends if a developer focus to much on graphics aka realism chance are they forgot to check the bugs in the games or the problem to balance the game. Elder Scrolls is a perfect example of realism graphics. But bug out animation and game play through out the world. LOL Now if a game takes forever to come out done right and delays for a game. I told them that is a very good news meaning there working out the bugs.

    1. The animation here is well done. I reminds me of how I did the older DoE games where I used the movie clips made in anime studio. I think they something like that here because the games files are huge.

      that or a jetpack to hover would be nice. yeah and grabbing ledges would be useful.

      now that I think about it. I think I did encounter all of the enemies in this game. It’s just that those things with the arms never grabbed me even once.

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