new umichan art sketch

So today was a super rare occasion where I actually felt like drawing. So I’m trying to do stuff while it lasts.. And of course my back hurts from being hunched over looking at the damn tablet. BUT. here we have a hypothetical look of how a redrawn umcc might look. or how it could look in umch. Either way just this simple sketchy lines cg took 5 to 6 hours to create. if by some miracle I manage to create one character a day from umcc. I’d be done replacing in a little over a month for casual interaction and dialogue. The character would basically have the same pose for each outfit.
Then the sex scenes would take much longer. Most games have different sex scenes for each character. but as you know in umcc you can do every activity with every character. This is something more challenging to make. Or as a easy route I can try to modify the movieclip that displays the character. and just redraw hair and eyes and probably remake the arm positions from scratch so it looks less awkward.

thoughts ?

current umch:

hypothetical umch:

hypothetical umcc:


as for my own thoughts. drawing a shitload of still images is not a optimal use of my time. MMD stuff is also taking a long time is some cases where I spend a long time trying to find or make something. In many cases it would be better if I attempted to redo the movieclip that displays the characters. After that I’d probably either take out or modify all sex scenes to be from view or on back. basically the face is facing the screen. at least until side stuff is made. And use the same stuff in umch also.