February summary and March Plans


I February I had been mostly working on umichan3D along with some MMD videos
I made a wip 7 that can be found here:
It has 3 quests and each have some 3D hentai to discover. Though it is far from perfect. mostly me just learning how to even do it in the first place.

and as usual. The latest mmd videos can be found here:

for March I want to:
make progress on UMCH
Umity3D aria space battle alpha game demo
mmd spring theme video.

I wanted to connect the swimming minigame and the dialogue sequences into UMCH. Before the month is out
This involves finished the Pattie drawings and finishing the character movieclips and making a few more areas. It should not be too hard, as usual drawing is the most time consuming part of it.

Unity3D ARIA space battle alpha demo
I wanted to use a unity store asset I found called uRTS to make large scale space battles with a controllable ARIA character ship.
you can see a web demo here:

press F to send the units forward, when they get close to the enemy they will start attacking.
it is kind of similar to the 2D ARIA. whee you have various nodes that have X number of units in them and they send ships to attack other units. So who knows Maybe ARIA 2 can be in 3D perhaps.
the guy also made some videos showing it in action:

in there it is “archers” but I’m hoping it can make the arc of the “arrow” straight and make it a laser. and replace the blocks with little ships.

mmd Spring Theme video
Wanted to make at least one half way decent video per month aside from the smaller stuff. in January and February I produced Resonate and Burlesque. This month I plan to make something spring themed. So far I had the Sorani sisters Zytra and Leyah in mind for these. I have been working on Leyah a bit but both Leyah and Zytra still need some editing.

also the user here @toolman requested to see some MaikoXRiley action. he is a generous supporter on patreon so that is why I tried to add it in the Umichan3D even though it really doesn’t make sense (to me) based on their personalities. So instead I was reworking some MMD motions to bring that scene together as a mmd animation instead. so this yuri mmd animation will represent the scene with Maiko and Riley in the infirmary. Should be done this week for those who are into yuri stuff also. Hopefully it will be good, but I’m not really sure what good even is.