updates and testing some plugins

site updates:
testing some plugins I recently installed.
installed a different forum. I immediately don’t like how you can’t post images.

then i have a question and answer thing here:
could be interesting, try it out

project updates:
Art for UM Deluxe remake, is still going. the Artist informed me today that he has been going slow because his mother is ill.

Art for UMCH is still progressing also. I have a lot to color thoguh.

The voice lines for ARIA intro should be done by Tuesday so we’ll see how that goes.

I just sent pinoytoons some more commission stuff for ARIA. included in this are loops for various lose conditions in ARIA. Currently when you lose a space battle nothing bad happens. And some loops for agent sex scene stuff.

still not sure how I will do UMCH dialogue scenes lol. idk. If I model edit the school outfit in 3dsmax using the 3d models can be on the table again. That was actually the most progress getting done for it. If I stuff with that I would have been done already.

last week I was pretty busy for me at work and I relaxed most of the weekend. But as mentioned above things are still getting done.

this week I plan to work on details for ARIA, and I am almost done with a yuri mmd animation that TOOLMAN quested ages ago that I still haven’t done yet. Along with a few various mmd videos here and there as usual.

if you got any questions on any of this try out the questions page thingy heh:

DWQA Questions

I will need to edit it later. I want “answer” to say reply