Site Updates

the little ARIA RPG thing I mentioned earlier is almost done I just need to take out the limit on how many times you can get money. I’ll post about it when I finish it.

going to try to start handling all the patreon stuff within the first complete week of the month. most of the stuff I will mention will have additional previews posted there beyond what images I post here. Of course everything will be in the game itself later so not to worry.

ttrop is done with nude character art for seven of the umichan characters, and has seven more in the queue. I’ll post more about that later in the week. for now I will just focus on the students you can talk to and the teachers. I’m also preparing Umichan Wild Peach there are few things I wanted to add first.

Pinoytoons has finished the latest batch of loops and is spending some time working on other commissions and his game project Rogue Courier. for ARIA this month he will be working falling back animations for the random enemy agents Arielle, Phia, and Amp will come into contact with. I did send him quite a extensive list of future animations requested for ARIA. Some were based on ideas mentioned here such as a Phia orgy and a AI sex bot.

the list of mmd videos I need to make it getting quite long lol. But I will get to them eventually I have made a few over the weekend and will probably get a few more done.