what should I work on for MMD stuff?

AS I mentioned earlier I have a lot of unfinished MMD videos. I will finish them all eventually but if there is something from this batch that interests you I will try to prioritize it. It doesn’t have to be the character shown for all of these songs.

I recorded the first 600 frames in most of these videos, and the quality is low since it is just previews.

song order

S&M Luma
Classic /w savori (model needs updating)
Am I wrong – Wave/Semitix (model needs updating)
Feel the sound
hentai motion maiko
Zytra fap video
Crime and Punishment leyah
Luma boob jiggle video
Dance of the Tail rave
Paranoia girl w/ sorani sisters
WAve concert w/ nanako music club Greel will be drum probbaly
Zytra Streetz bruh
Doll house – zytra
30 sexy!
various umichan Parodies (this example is highy wip)