Project updates and MMD model test videos

Worked on a few characters over the weekend. They all need various adjustments.

Wave (aka Zxia/Semitix)

Project stuff:
Also for ARIA pinoytoons has finished up the falling down animations for the enemy agents. I need to try to find a really good shooting flash game to use as a example or template. If you know of any let me know. He currently working the design for the AI robot, incorporating some of his own ideas and mine. he wanted to do something like this:

for Umichan stuff I want to wait to release wild peach until after the next ARIA update, which hopefully will be soon. I think the only thing left for ARIA is to make specific support ships appear for normal and hard modes and not have it random.

For umichan the additions I have on the docket are to put Maiko on the menu screen instead of Joiry, add a cum button to the galley/watch mode, add some light filters, and possibly add a tail item. Also another potential thing is to be able to swap out the head/face with a imported image.